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18 FIFTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 160. 1904. three hundred and fourteen dollars and twenty-eight cents, or so much thereof as ma be necessary. rmsmsrsomce. Ormcm or hum TR1.=:AsURRR: For the following additional employ- Pljf,‘g_"°"‘1 °'°` ecs for the balance of the fiscal year . nineteen hundred and our, namelyf: llgor one clerk of class three; onehclerk off clas; tLvo;don3 clerk o c ss one; nine c rt counters, att c rate 0 cig t un rc ' dollars per annum each; dh); laborer; and one foreman pressman at the rate of qpe thousgpd lrfive hundred dollars per annum; in all, six thousand an twcntv- ve ollars. ` engraving me BUREAU or ENGRAVING AND PRINTING: For rent of buildin "§,§}’_‘B“'°‘"‘ occupied by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing for storage and other purposes, during five months and twenty-eight days, to December twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred and three, at a rental of sixty V dollars a month, three hundred and fifty-four dollars and twenty cents. humans emma Lonrsuzu Pnnomsn Exrosrrrom For the purpose of further aiding E§*’,§’§l§§’§;,,; ,;.1 in the payment of the cost of the construction, completion, and openxrnnwl mg of the Louisiana Purchase`_Expos1tion, at the city of Saint Louis, on or before April thirtieth, nmetecn hundred and four, four HHH10D rmymenu. six hundred thousand dollars; said sum to be 'd to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company on the request ofptlhe president of said company, an in amounts as follows: One million ollars u n the passage of this Act, one million dollars during the month of Feboruary, gne millgpn dolltahrs purinrg tht:] monlth cg Lgarph, onel rgiglépn gollars uri themon o Ap ,an six un re thousand o rs uxin ‘ Mymm the mbnth of May, nineteen hundred and four: ltovided, That of ,gm_ ° sums, one hundred thousand dollars shall be paid by) said Louisiana A’”°“”**° ’°° ¥""’· Purchase Exposition Company to, or on the order of, the board of lady managers olf saiid expositiop for sqlch purposes gslatiiddboaiiddof lady mana ers s al approve an at suc times as said r of a y man- ¤i¤¤¤¤¢¤¤¤¤¤ agcrsgshall request the same. That to insure the application of all gd moneys} tph the purpose? ipr which the sam:;: is appropriated, the cretar o c u s a a int a suita e rson or ersons whose ddrty it shall be toIZu‘pervisd)l)h)e disbursemengdf the samlb when paid, as herein provided, an to make a full and complete report thereof R¤P¤Y¤=¢¤*bY°¤¤· to him as he may require: Provided further, That the amount hereby °°°Y` appropriated when paid to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company, as herein (provided, shallconstitute an indebtedness of the said company to the overnment of the United States and shall be repaid wi-iar ¤¤ ¤¤>¤¤ N- by said company to the Treasury of the United States. That for the Ppurpose of protecting the Government and insuring the re yment of said sum of four million six hundred thousand dollars, the Gdvcrnment shall have a first lien upon the gross receipts of said exposition company from all paid admissions to the grounds of said exposition and ¤¤¤¤¤¢~>¢¤¤a¤i=¢¤· rom all moneys received from concessions. That before any part of gigs alppropriation is paid, as hcreiinlpefore provideél, the said Louisiana rc asc xposition ‘ompan s a execute. to the satisfaction of the Secretaiily cg the Treasuryé, aniinstrument in writing giving and securing to t c overnmenta rst ien u n its said ross recei ts and said exposition company shall at the sameitimc guaranglee to the Gbvernment, under suitable penalties, that the said gross receipts are then entirely free from liens, mortgages, or other incumbrances, and that it will not pledge or in any way incumber or dispose of said receipts so as to injure or affect the right of the Government to iirst receive therefrom Merhcdcfpuymenv. thedanljpunt to b<i)ret1;]x·nedéo the Treasury, as herein provided. The sai uisiana urc asc x sition Com nv shall re * into the Treasury of the United Statesrllie said sum if fbur milliodlgix hundred thousand dollars, as follows: On the fifteenth day of June, nineteen hundred and four, said Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company shall relport to the Secretary of the Treasury in detail the total amount of `al said gross rcceiptsreceivecl by said company from June iirst toJune fifteenth, both inc usive, and forty per centum of such receipts shall