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PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1969


SUBJECT INDEX National Guard. See Army under Na- Page tional Guard. Operation and maintenance, appropriation for 472 Procurement, appropriation for 475 Research and development, appropriation for 478 Reserve components— Appropriation for. _ 470 Facilities, construction, etc 318 Military construction, appropriation for 467 Strength ... 206 Reserve Forces Facilities Authorization Act, 1970 _ 318 Travel allowances, per diem, increase. _ 840 Vermont, military reservations at Ethan Allen and Underhill, State jurisdiction over 446 Art, National Gallery of, appropriation for. 164 Arts, Commission of Fine, appropriation for 161 Arts, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing: Appropriation authorization 135 Appropriation for 449 Arts and the Humanities, National Foundation on the, appropriation for 56, 163 Astronauts, Congressional Space Medal of Honor, award to 124 Atlantic-Pacific Interoceanic Canal Study Commission, appropriation for 335 Atomic Energy, Joint Committee on, appropriation for 348 Atomic Energy Act of 1954: Amendments— Facilities, research, etc., appropriation authorization 46 Patents, licensing requirement, extension, etc 444 Restricted data, unauthorized use, criminal penalties 444 Appropriation for effecting provisions.. 323 Atomic Energy Commission: Appropriation Act, 1970 , 323 Appropriation for 59, 323 Employees, limitation of number, exception ._ 47 Facilities, research, etc., appropriation authorization 46 Attorney General: Interstate Compact to Conserve Oil and Gas, report to Congress 441 Spanish-Speaking People, Cabinet Committee on Opportunities for, member 838 Automobiles, excise tax, extension 660

31-100 O - 70

Aviation Act of 1958, Federal, Amendments, air carriers, acquisition of control Aviation Administration, Federal. See Federal Aviation Administration. Aviation War Risk Insurance Revolving Fund, appropriation for

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B Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act, appropriation for effecting provisions.. 249 Banks and Banking: Borrowing authority, increase 374 Credit Control Act. 376 Insured deposit, increase 375 Interest rates, regulation authority, extension 115, 371 Loans, reserve for losses . 616 Mortgage interest rates study, report, extension 7, 43 Mutual savings banks, reserve for losses. 620 National banks, taxation by States 434 Nonfederally insured financial institutions, rate control — 372 Student loans, incentive payments on insured __. 141 Voluntary credit restraint programs 376 Baseball, 100th anniversary, congressional recognition 902 Battle Monuments Commission, American, appropriation for 79, 421 Bill of Rights Day—Human Rights Day, proclamation 973 Bird Conservation Account, Migratory, appropriation for.. 156 Bird Treaty Act, Migratory, Amendments, shipment of wild game mammals, etc., to and from Mexico 282 Black Bass Act, Amendments, commercial traffic in Black Bass or other fish taken illegally in foreign country, restriction 281 Black Lung, benefits for coal miners 792 Blind: Books for, appropriation for 356 Helen Keller Memorial Week, proclamation 947 Designation — H White Cane Safety Day, 1969, proclamation 947 Blood Donor Month, National, designation 804 Boating Week, National Safe, 1969, proclamation 932 Bonds, United States Savings, interest rate, increase 272 Bonneville Power Administration, appropriation for 75, 333