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TWENTYZNIN TH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 47. 1847. l65 tilic corps, salary of the horticulturist, dud care of the collections, fifteen thousand dollars. For refunding certain duties collected under the act of thirtieth _Rst¤nai¤g cer- August, eighteen hundred and forty-two, entitled "An Act to provide “‘,‘&‘g;lf,:· 2.,0 Revenue from Imports, and to change and modify existing Laws impo-' ` sing Duties on Imports, and for other Purposes," contrary to the terms of the treaty of commerce and navigation of first May, eighteen hundred and twenty-eight, between Prussia and the United States, tiventy-five thousand dollars. For refunding certain duties collected under the tariff act of eighteen hundred and forty-two, above mentioned, contrary to the terms of 1842, ch. 270. the treaty of twentieth December, eighteen hundred and twenty- seven, between the Hanseatic Republics of Lubec, Bremen, and Hamburg, and the United States, five thousand dollars. Lighthouse Establ£shment.—For supplying lighthouses, contain- Lisbdrouve ing two thousand five hundred and ninety-four lamps, with oil, tube- "°§bhS:;'°°“° glasses, wicks, buti-skins, whiting, and cotton cloth; transportation, up? °°‘ and other expenses on the same; and for keeping the lighting apparatus in repair, one hundred and thirteen thousand four hundred and seventy-eight dollars and sixty-four cents. For repairs and incidental expenses, refifting, and improvements of R¢P¤i¥¤» &·¢· lrghthonses, and buildings connected therewith, sixty-nve thousand four hundred and fifty-Eve dollars and ten cents. For salaries of two hundred and thirty-eight keepers, and sixteen assistant keepers of lighthouses, (seventeen of them charged with double, and two with triple lights,) including also the salary of an inspector of lights on the upper lakes, and superintendent on Lake Michigan, one hundred and one thousand five hundred and thirty- eight dollars and thirty-three cents. For salaries of thirty keepers of Boating lights, sixteen thousand Floating lights. dollars. For seamerfs wages, repairs, and supplies of thirty Boating lights, sixty-nine thousand six hundred and sixty-nine dollars and forty-eight cents. For weighing, mooring, cleansing, repairing, and supplying the Bum, &·<=· losses of beacons, buoys, chains, and sinkers, twenty-four thousand and three hundred and seventy-one dollars and forty three-cents. For expenses incurred by superintendents in visiting their light- Annual examihouses annually, and examining and reporting the condition of each, ““°"‘ two thousand dollars. For superintendents' commissions, at two and a half per centum, Superintendnine thousand eight hundred and twelvedollars and eighty-two cents. 3,*:; °°m“`“S' Surveys of Public Lands. — For salary of an assistant surveyor, Asgmut mp to have charge and oversight of the resurveys in the Greensburg Dis- veyor ir. Qreenstrict, (late St. Helena,) under the direction and supervision of the bm'! D**‘“°'· surveyor-general of Louisiana, one thousand dollars. For salary of an assistant surveyor, to survey the private claims in Assistant Sur- Florida, under the direction and supervision of the surveyor-general Egggm "°°·¤ "·‘ of Florida, one thousand dollars. For pay of chain-carriers, markers, transportation, provisions, Gao., Chaimcanim, one thousand five hundred dollars. °‘°‘ For surveying, in addition to the unexpended balances of former Surveying. appropriations, viz.: _ For surveying the public lands, including incidental expenses, to ucs,‘;;E’“€P“” be apportioned to the several districts according to the exigencies of the public service, one hundred thousand dollars. For surveying the copper regions of Michigan, Wisconsin, and S“”~‘?Y*¤S °°P· Iowa, with reference to mines and minerals, at a rate not exceeding lm r°gl°°S` six dollars per mile, fifty thousand dollars.