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328 Chiiang Tzii

" Eating at the table of a prince," replied Chiu Fang Yin, " will benefit the family for three gene- rations. How much more his father and mother ! But for you, Sir, to go and weep is enough to turn back the luck from you. The son's fortune is good, but the father's bad."

" Yin," said Tzu Chi, " I should like to know what you mean by calling K'un fortunate. Wine and meat gratify the palate, but you do not say how these are to come.

" Supposing that to me, not being a shepherd, a lamb were born in the south-west corner of my hall ; or that to me, not being a sportsman, quails were hatched in the north-east corner. If you did not call that uncanny, what would you call it ?

" My sons and I do but roam through the uni- verse. With them I seek the joys of heaven ; with them I seek the fruits of earth. With them I engage in no business ; with them I concoct no plots ; with them I attempt nothing out-of-the- way. With them I mount upon the truth of the universe, and do not offer opposition to the exi- gencies of our environment. With them I accom- modate myself naturally ; but with them I do not become a slave to circumstances. Yet now the world is rewarding me !

" Every uncanny effect must be preceded by some uncanny cause. Alas ! my sons and I have done nothing. It must be the will of God. There- fore I weep."

Shortly afterwards, when K'un was on his way

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