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Industrial Workers of the World
The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) is a radical international labor union founded in 1905. In its early history, its political radicalism and militant methods found it at odds with governments, business owners and the conservative trade unions, with literature at times banned as subversive materials. Despite this, the IWW managed to build a considerable cultural impact among workers through newspapers in many languages, political cartoons, songs, and literature ultimately written for, and by, workers.

This portal includes works published by, or about, groups within the IWW, plus those published by the "Detroit IWW" prior to its renaming in 1915. Each should be marked according to each work's specific publishing body, where possible.

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The following authors may or may not have been members at the time of authorship of their works, but are or were known to have been IWW members, or "Wobblies."