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Stratemeyer Syndicate
Founded in 1904 by Edward Stratemeyer, the Stratemeyer Syndicate was a group of authors sworn to secrecy, who collaborated to write a number of serial mystery and adventure books for children and youth.


Works marked with § have a DjVu file on Commons

Air Service Boys[edit]

Published as Charles Amory Beach

  1. Air Service Boys Flying for France, or The Young Heroes of the Lafayette Escadrille (1918)
  2. Air Service Boys Over the Enemy's Lines, or The German Spy's Secrets (1918)
  3. Air Service Boys over the Rhine, or Fighting Above the Clouds (1919)
  4. Air Service Boys in the Big Battle, or Silencing the Big Guns (1919)
  5. Air Service Boys Flying for Victory, or Bombing the Last German Stronghold (1920)
  6. Air Service Boys over the Atlantic, or The Longest Flight on Record (1920) §

Baseball Joe[edit]

Published as Lester Chadwick

  1. Baseball Joe of the Silver Stars, or The Rivals of Riverside (1912)
  2. Baseball Joe on the School Nine, or Pitching for the Blue Banner (1912)
  3. Baseball Joe at Yale, or Pitching for the College Championship (1913)
  4. Baseball Joe in the Central League, or Making Good as a Professional Pitcher (1914)
  5. Baseball Joe in the Big League, or A Young Pitcher's Hardest Struggles (1915)
  6. Baseball Joe on the Giants, or Making Good as a Ball-Twirler in the Metropolis (1916) §
  7. Baseball Joe in the World Series, or Pitching for the Championship (1917) §
  8. Baseball Joe Around the World, or Pitching on a Grand Tour (1918) §
  9. Baseball Joe: Home Run King, or The Greatest Pitcher and Batter on Record (1922)
  10. Baseball Joe Saving the League, or Breaking Up a Great Conspiracy (1923)
  11. Baseball Joe Captain of the Team, or Bitter Struggles on the Diamond (1924)
  12. Baseball Joe Champion of the League, or The Record that was Worthwhile (1925)
  13. Baseball Joe Club Owner, or Putting the Home Town on the Map (1926)
  14. Baseball Joe Pitching Wizard, or Triumphs Off and On the Diamond (1928)

Betty Gordon[edit]

Published as Alice B. Emerson

  1. Betty Gordon at Bramble Farm, or, The mystery of a nobody (1920)
  2. Betty Gordon in Washington, or, Strange adventures in a great city (1920)
  3. Betty Gordon in the Land of Oil, or, The farm that was worth a fortune (1920)
  4. Betty Gordon at Boarding School, or, The Treasure of Indian Chasm (1921)
  5. Betty Gordon at Mountain Camp, or, The mystery of Ida Bellethorne (1922)
Ten further books published between 1923 and 1932

Bobbsey Twins[edit]

Published as Laura Lee Hope

Volume 1 was written by Edward Stratemeyer, Volumes 2 and 3 were written by Lilian C. Garis, Volumes 4 to 28 were written by Howard Roger Garis[1]

  1. The Bobbsey Twins or, Merry Days Indoors and Out (1904)
  2. The Bobbsey Twins in the Country (1907)
  3. The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore (1907)
  4. The Bobbsey Twins at School (1913)
  5. The Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge (1913) §
  6. The Bobbsey Twins on a Houseboat (1915) §
  7. The Bobbsey Twins at Meadow Brook (1915) §
  8. The Bobbsey Twins at Home (1916)
  9. The Bobbsey Twins in a Great City (1917) §
  10. The Bobbsey Twins on Blueberry Island (1917) §
  11. The Bobbsey Twins on the Deep Blue Sea (1918)
  12. The Bobbsey Twins in Washington (1919) §
  13. The Bobbsey Twins in the Great West (1920)
  14. The Bobbsey Twins at Cedar Camp (1921)
  15. The Bobbsey Twins at the County Fair (1922) §
Fifty-seven further books published between 1923 and 1979

Bound to Succeed[edit]

Published as Edward Stratemeyer

Boy Hunters[edit]

Published as Captain Ralph Bonehill

  1. Four Boy Hunters, or The Outing of the Gun Club (1906)
  2. Guns and Snowshoes, or The Winter Outing of the Young Hunters (1907)
  3. Young Hunters of the Lake, or Out With Rod and Gun (1908)
  4. Out with Gun and Camera, or The Boy Hunters in the Mountains (1910)

Boys of Business[edit]

Published as by Allen Chapman

  1. The Young Express Agent, or Bart Stirling's Road to Success (1906)
  2. Two Boy Publishers, or From Typecase to Editor's Chair (1906)
  3. Bound to Succeed, or Mail Order Frank's Chances (1907)
  4. A Business Boy, or Winning Success (1908)

Boys of Columbia High[edit]

Published as Graham B. Forbes

  1. The Boys of Columbia High, or The All Round Rivals of the School (1911)
  2. The Boys of Columbia High on the Diamond, or Winning Out by Pluck (1911)
  3. The Boys of Columbia High on the River, or The Boat Race Plot that Failed (1911)
  4. The Boys of Columbia High on the Gridiron, or The Struggle for the Silver Cup (1911) §
  5. The Boys of Columbia High on the Ice, or Out for the Hockey Championship (1911) §
  6. The Boys of Columbia High in Track Athletics, or A Long Run that Won (1913)
  7. The Boys of Columbia High in Winter Sports, or Stirring Doings on Skates and Iceboats (1915)
  8. The Boys of Columbia High in Camp, or The Rivalry of the Old School League (1920)

Bunny Brown[edit]

Published as Laura Lee Hope

  1. Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue (1916)
  2. Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue on Grandpa's Farm (1916)
  3. Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Playing Circus (1916)
  4. Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue at Aunt Lu's City Home (1916)
  5. Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue at Camp Rest-a-While (1916)
  6. Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue in the Big Woods, (1917) §
  7. Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue on an Auto Tour, (1917)
  8. Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue and Their Shetland Pony, (1918) §
  9. Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Giving a Show, (1919) §
  10. Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue at Christmas Tree Cove, (1920)
  11. Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue in the Sunny South, (1921) §
  12. Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Keeping Store, (1922)
Eight further books published between 1923 and 1931

College Sports Series[edit]

Published as Lester Chadwick

  1. The Rival Pitchers, (1910) §
  2. A Quarter-backs' Pluck, (1910)
  3. Batting to Win, (1910)
  4. The Winning Touch Down, (1911) §

Colonial Series[edit]

Published as Edward Stratemeyer

  1. With Washington in the West, or A Soldier Boy's Battles in the Wilderness
  2. Marching on Niagara, or The Soldier Boys of the Old Frontier (1902) Vol. 2 §
  3. At the Fall of Montreal, or A Soldier Boy's Final Victory
  4. On the Trail of Pontiac, or The Pioneer Boys of the Ohio

Darewell Chums[edit]

Published as Allen Chapman

Dave Fearless[edit]

Dave Porter[edit]

Published as Edward Stratemeyer

  1. Dave Porter at Oak Hall, or The Schooldays of an American Boy (1905)
  2. Dave Porter in the South Seas (1906) §
  3. Dave Porter's Return to School, or Winning the Medal of Honor (1907)
  4. Dave Porter in the Far North (1908) §
  5. Dave Porter and his Classmates, or For the Honor of Oak Hall (1909) §
  6. Dave Porter at Star Ranch (1910) §
  7. Dave Porter and his Rivals, or The Chums and Foes of Oak Hall (1911) §
  8. Dave Porter on Cave Island, or A Schoolboy's Mysterious Mission (1912) §
  9. Dave Porter and the Runaways, or Last Days at Oak Hall (1913)
  10. Dave Porter in the Gold Fields, or The Search for the Landslide Mine (1914) §
  11. Dave Porter at Bear Camp, or The Wild Man of Mirror Lake (1915) §
  12. Dave Porter and his Double (1916) §
  13. Dave Porter's Great Search, or The Perils of a Young Civil Engineer (1917)
  14. Dave Porter Under Fire, or A Young Army Engineer in France (1918)
  15. Dave Porter's War Honors, or At the Front with the Fighting Engineers (1919)

Dick Hamilton[edit]

Published as Howard Garis

  1. Dick Hamilton's Fortune, or The Stirring Doings of a Millionaire's Son (1909)
  2. Dick Hamilton's Cadet Days, or The Handicap of a Millionaire's Son (1910)
  3. Dick Hamilton's Steam Yacht, or A Young Millionaire and the Kidnappers (1911) §
  4. Dick Hamilton's Football Team, or A Young Millionaire on the Gridiron (1913)
  5. Dick Hamilton's Touring Car, or A Young Millionaire's Race for a Fortune (1913)
  6. Dick Hamilton's Airship, or A Young Millionaire in the Clouds (1914)

Fairview Boys[edit]

Published as Frederick Gordon

  1. Fairview Boys Afloat and Ashore, or The Young Crusoes of Pine Island (1912)
  2. Fairview Boys on Eagle Mountain, or Sammy Brown's Treasure Hunt (1912)
  3. Fairview Boys and their Rivals, or Bob Bouncer's Schooldays (1912) §
  4. Fairview Boys at Camp Mystery, or The Old Hermit and his Secret (1914) §
  5. Fairview Boys at Light House Cove, or Carried Out to Sea (1914) §
  6. Fairview Boys on a Ranch, or Riding with the Cowboys (1917) §

Flag and Frontier Series[edit]

Published as Captain Ralph Bonehill

  1. When Santiago Fell, or The War Adventures of Two Chums
  2. A Sailor Boy with Dewey, or Afloat in the Philippines (1899)
  3. Off for Hawaii, or The Mystery of a Great Volcano (1899)

Four Little Blossoms[edit]

Published as Mabel C. Hawley

  1. Four Little Blossoms at Brookside Farm (1920)
  2. Four Little Blossoms at Oak Hill School (1920)
  3. Four Little Blossoms and their Winter Fun (1920)
  4. Four Little Blossoms on Apple Tree Island (1921)
  5. Four Little Blossoms Through the Holidays (1922)
  6. Four Little Blossoms at Sunrise Beach (1929)
  7. Four Little Blossoms Indoors and Out (1930)

Girls of Central High[edit]

Published as Gertrude W. Morrison

  1. The Girls of Central High, or Rivals for All Honors (1914)
  2. The Girls of Central High on Lake Luna, or The Crew that Won (1914)
  3. The Girls of Central High at Basketball, or The Great Gymnasium Mystery (1914)
  4. The Girls of Central High on the Stage, or The Play that Took the Prize (1914) §
  5. The Girls of Central High on Track and Field, or The Champions of the School League (1914)
  6. The Girls of Central High in Camp, or The Old Professor's Secret (1915)
  7. The Girls of Central High Aiding the Red Cross, or Amateur Theatricals for a Worthy Cause (1919)

Gun and Sled Club[edit]

Published as Capt. Ralph Bonehill

  1. Gun and Sled
  2. Young Hunters in Porto Rico, (1900)

Make Believe Stories[edit]

Published as Laura Lee Hope

Mexican War[edit]

Published as Edward Stratemeyer

  1. For the Liberty of Texas, (1909)

Motor Boys[edit]

Published as Clarence Young

  1. The Motor Boys, or, Chums Through Thick And Thin (1906)
  2. The Motor Boys Overland, or, A Long Trip For Fun And Fortune (1906)
  3. The Motor Boys In Mexico, or, The Secret Of The Buried City (1906)
  4. The Motor Boys Across The Plains, or, The Hermit Of Lost Lake (1907)
  5. The Motor Boys Afloat, or, The Cruise Of The Dartaway (1908)
  6. The Motor Boys On The Atlantic, or, The Mystery Of The Lighthouse (1908)
  7. The Motor Boys In Strange Waters, or, Lost In A Floating Forest (1909)
  8. The Motor Boys On The Pacific, or, The Young Derelict Hunters (1909)
  9. The Motor Boys In The Clouds, or, A Trip For Fame And Fortune (1910)
  10. The Motor Boys Over The Rockies, or, A Mystery Of The Air (1911)
  11. The Motor Boys Over The Ocean, or, A Marvelous Rescue In Mid-Air (1911)
  12. The Motor Boys On The Wing, or, Seeking The Airship Treasure (1912)
  13. The Motor Boys After A Fortune, or, The Hut On Snake Island (1912)
  14. The Motor Boys On The Border, or, Sixty Nuggets Of Gold (1913)
  15. The Motor Boys Under The Sea, or, From Airship To Submarine (1914)
  16. The Motor Boys On Road And River, or, Racing To Save A Life (1915)
  17. Ned, Bob And Jerry At Boxwood Hall, or, The Motor Boys As Freshman (1916)
  18. Ned, Bob And Jerry On A Ranch, or, The Motor Boys Among The Cowboys (1917)
  19. Ned, Bob And Jerry In The Army, or, The Motor Boys As Volunteers (1918)
  20. Ned, Bob And Jerry On The Firing Line, or, The Motor Boys Fighting For Uncle Sam (1919)
  21. Ned, Bob And Jerry Bound For Home, or, The Motor Boys On The Wrecked Troopship (1920)
  22. The Motor Boys On Thunder Mountain, or, The Treasure Chest Of Blue Rock (1924)

Motion Picture Chums[edit]

Published as Victor Appleton

  1. The Motion Picture Chums' First Venture, or Opening a Photo Playhouse in Fairlands
  2. The Motion Picture Chums at Seaside Park, or The Rival Photo Theatres of the Boardwalk
  3. The Motion Picture Chums on Broadway, or The Mystery of the Missing Cashbox
  4. The Motion Picture Chums' Outdoor Exhibition, or The Film that Solved a Mystery
  5. The Motion Picture Chums' New Idea, or The First Educational Photo Playhouse
  6. The Motion Picture Chums at the Fair, or The Greatest Film Ever Exhibited
  7. The Motion Picture Chums' War Spectacle, or The Film that Won the Prize

Motion Picture Comrades[edit]

  1. The Motion Picture Comrades' Great Adventure, or On the Road with the "Big Round Top" (1917)
  2. The Motion Picture Comrades in African Jungles, or Camera Boys in Wild Animal Land (1917)
  3. The Motion Picture Comrades Along the Orinoco, or Facing Perils in the Tropics (1917)
  4. The Motion Picture Comrades Aboard a Submarine, or Searching for Treasure Under the Sea (1917) §
  5. The Motion Picture Comrades Producing a Success, or Featuring a Sensation (1917)

Moving Picture Boys[edit]

Published as Victor Appleton

  1. The Moving Picture Boys, or Perils of a Great City Depicted
  2. The Moving Picture Boys in the West, or Taking Scenes Among the Cowboys and Indians
  3. The Moving Picture Boys on the Coast, or Showing the Perils of the Deep (1913) §
  4. The Moving Picture Boys in the Jungle, or Stirring Times Among the Wild Animals
  5. The Moving Picture Boys in Earthquake Land, or Working Amid Many Perils
  6. The Moving Picture Boys and the Flood, or Perilous Days on the Mississippi (1914) §
  7. The Moving Picture Boys at Panama, or Stirring Adventures Along the Great Canal
  8. The Moving Picture Boys Under the Sea, or The Treasure of the Lost Ship
  9. The Moving Picture Boys on the War Front, or The Hunt for the Stolen Army Films

Moving Picture Girls[edit]

Published as Laura Lee Hope

  1. The Moving Picture Girls, or First Appearance in Photo Dramas
  2. The Moving Picture Girls at Oak Farm, or Queer Happenings While Taking Rural Plays (1914) §
  3. The Moving Picture Girls Snowbound, or The Proof on the Film
  4. The Moving Picture Girls Under the Palms, or Lost in the Wilds of Florida
  5. The Moving Picture Girls at Rocky Ranch, or Great Days Among the Cowboys
  6. The Moving Picture Girls at Sea, or A Pictured Shipwreck that Became Real
  7. The Moving Picture Girls in War Plays, or The Sham Battles at Oak Farm

Nan Sherwood[edit]

Published as Annie Roe Carr

  1. Nan Sherwood at Pine Camp, or The Old Lumberman's Secret (1916)
  2. Nan Sherwood at Lakeview Hall, or The Mystery of the Haunted Boathouse (1916)
  3. Nan Sherwood's Winter Holidays, or Rescuing the Runaways (1916)
  4. Nan Sherwood at Rose Ranch, or The Old Mexican's Treasure (1919) §
  5. Nan Sherwood at Palm Beach, or Strange Adventures among the Orange Groves (1921) §
  6. Nan Sherwood on the Mexican Border (1937)
  7. Nan Sherwood's Summer Holidays (1937)

Old Glory Series[edit]

Published as Edward Stratemeyer

  1. Under Dewey at Manila, or The War Fortunes of a Castaway (1898)
  2. A Young Volunteer in Cuba, or Fighting for the Single Star
  3. Fighting in Cuban Waters, or Under Schley on the "Brooklyn" (1899)
  4. Under Otis in the Philippines, or A Young Officer in the Tropics
  5. The Campaign of the Jungle, or Under Lawton through Luzon (1900)
  6. Under MacArthur in Luzon, or Last Battles in the Philippines (1901) §

Outdoor Chums[edit]

Published as Captain Quincy Allen

  1. The Outdoor Chums, or The First Tour of the Rod, Gun and Camera Club (1911) §
  2. The Outdoor Chums on the Lake, or Lively Adventures on Wildcat Island (1911)
  3. The Outdoor Chums in the Forest, or Laying the Ghost of Oak Ridge (1911)
  4. The Outdoor Chums on the Gulf, or Rescuing the Lost Balloonists (1911)
  5. The Outdoor Chums After Big Game, or Perilous Adventures in the Wilderness (1911)
  6. The Outdoor Chums on a Houseboat, or The Rivals of the Mississippi (1913)
  7. The Outdoor Chums in the Big Woods, or The Rival Hunters at Lumber Run (1915)
  8. The Outdoor Chums at Cabin Point, or The Golden Cup Mystery (1916)

Outdoor Girls[edit]

Published as Laura Lee Hope

  1. The Outdoor Girls of Deepdale, or Camping and Tramping for Fun and Health (1913)
  2. The Outdoor Girls at Rainbow Lake, or Stirring Cruise of the Motor Boat Gem (1913) §
  3. The Outdoor Girls in a Motor Car, or The Haunted Mansion of Shadow Valley (1913) §
  4. The Outdoor Girls in a Winter Camp, or Glorious Days on Skates and Iceboats (1913)
  5. The Outdoor Girls in Florida, or Wintering in the Sunny South (1913) §
  6. The Outdoor Girls at Ocean View, or The Box that was Found in the Sand (1915)
  7. The Outdoor Girls on Pine Island, or A Cave and What it Contained (1916) §
  8. The Outdoor Girls in Army Service, or Doing their Bit for the Soldier Boys (1918) §
  9. The Outdoor Girls at the Hostess House, or Doing their Best for the Soldiers (1919) §
  10. The Outdoor Girls at Bluff Point, or A Wreck and a Rescue (1920) §
  11. The Outdoor Girls at Wild Rose Lodge, or The Hermit of Midnight Falls (1921)
  12. The Outdoor Girls in the Saddle, or The Girl Miner of Gold Run (1922)
Eleven further titles published between 1923 and 1933

Putnam Hall Series[edit]

All published as Arthur M. Winfield

  1. The Putnam Hall Cadets, or Good Times in School and Out (1905)
  2. The Putnam Hall Rivals, or Fun and Sport Afloat and Ashore (1906)
  3. The Putnam Hall Champions, or Bound to Win Out (1908)
  4. The Putnam Hall Rebellion, or The Rival Runaways (1909)
  5. The Putnam Hall Encampment, or The Secret of the Old Mill (1910)
  6. The Putnam Hall Mystery, or The School Chums' Strange Discovery (1911)

Radio Boys[edit]

Published as Allen Chapman

Railroad Series[edit]

Published as Allen Chapman

  1. Ralph of the Roundhouse, or Bound to Become a Railway Man (1906)
  2. Ralph in the Switch Tower, or Clearing the Track (1907)
  3. Ralph on the Engine, or The Young Fireman of the Limited Mail (1909)
  4. Ralph on the Overland Express, or The Trials and Triumphs of a Young Engineer (1910)
  5. Ralph, the Train Despatcher, or The Mystery of the Pay Car (1911)
  6. Ralph on the Army Train, or The Young Railroader's Most Daring Exploit (1918)
  7. Ralph on the Midnight Flyer, or The Wreck at Shadow Valley (1923)
  8. Ralph and the Missing Mail-Pouch, or The Stolen Government Bonds (1924)
  9. Ralph on the Mountain Division, or Fighting Both Flames and Flood (1927)
  10. Ralph and the Train Wreckers, or The Secret of the Blue Freight Cards (1928)

Rover Boys[edit]

Published as Arthur M. Winfield

  1. The Rover Boys at School, or, The Cadets of Putnam Hall (1899)
  2. The Rover Boys on the Ocean, or, A Chase for a Fortune (1899)
  3. The Rover Boys in the Jungle, or, Stirring Adventures in Africa (1899)
  4. The Rover Boys Out West, or, The Search for a Lost Mine (1900)
  5. The Rover Boys on the Great Lakes, or, The Secret of the Island Cave (1901)
  6. The Rover Boys in the Mountains, or, A Hunt for Fun and Fortune (1902)
  7. The Rover Boys on Land and Sea, or, The Crusoes of Seven Islands (1903)
  8. The Rover Boys in Camp, or, The Rivals of Pine Island (1904)
  9. The Rover Boys on the River, or, The Search for the Missing Houseboat (1905)
  10. The Rover Boys on the Plains, or, The Mystery of Red Rock Ranch (1906)
  11. The Rover Boys in Southern Waters, or, The Deserted Steam Yacht (1907) §
  12. The Rover Boys on the Farm, or, Last Days at Putnam Hall (1908) §
  13. The Rover Boys on Treasure Isle, or, The Strange Cruise of the Steam Yacht (1909) §
  14. The Rover Boys at College, or, The Right Roads and the Wrong (1910) §
  15. The Rover Boys Down East, or, The Struggle for the Stanhope Fortune (1911) §
  16. The Rover Boys in the Air, or, From College Campus to the Clouds (1912) §
  17. The Rover Boys in New York, or, Saving their Father's Honor (1913) §
  18. The Rover Boys in Alaska, or, Lost in the Fields of Ice (1914)
  19. The Rover Boys in Business, or, The Case of the Missing Bonds (1915) §
  20. The Rover Boys on a Tour, or, Last Days at Brill College (1916) §
  21. The Rover Boys at Colby Hall, or, The Struggles of the Young Cadets (1917) §
  22. The Rover Boys on Snowshoe Island, or, The Old Lumberman's Treasure Box (1918) §
  23. The Rover Boys Under Canvas, or, The Mystery of the Wrecked Submarine (1919) §
  24. The Rover Boys on a Hunt, or, The Mysterious House in the Woods (1920) §
  25. The Rover Boys in the Land of Luck, or, Stirring Adventures in the Oil Fields (1921) §
  26. The Rover Boys at Big Horn Ranch, or, The Cowboys' Big Roundup (1922) §
  27. The Rover Boys at Big Bear Lake, or, The Camps of the Rival Cadets (1923)
  28. The Rover Boys Shipwrecked, or, A Thrilling Hunt for Pirates Gold (1924)
  29. The Rover Boys on Sunset Trail, or, The Old Miner's Mysterious Message (1925)
  30. The Rover Boys Winning a Fortune, or, Strenous Days Ashore and Afloat (1926)

Ruth Fielding[edit]

Published as Alice B. Emerson

  1. Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill, or Jasper Parloe's Secret (1913)
  2. Ruth Fielding at Briarwood Hall, or Solving the Campus Mystery (1913)
  3. Ruth Fielding at Snow Camp, or Lost in the Backwoods (1913) §
  4. Ruth Fielding at Lighthouse Point, or Nita, the Girl Castaway (1913) §
  5. Ruth Fielding at Silver Ranch, or Schoolgirls Among the Cowboys (1913) §
  6. Ruth Fielding on Cliff Island, or The Old Hunter's Treasure Box (1915) §
  7. Ruth Fielding at Sunrise Farm, or What became of the Baby Orphans (1915) §
  8. Ruth Fielding and the Gypsies, or The Missing Pearl Necklace (1915) §
  9. Ruth Fielding in Moving Pictures, or Helping the Dormitory Fund (1916) §
  10. Ruth Fielding down in Dixie, or Great Days in the Land of Cotton (1916) §
  11. Ruth Fielding at College, or The Missing Examination Papers (1917) §
  12. Ruth Fielding in the Saddle, or College Girls in the Land of Gold (1917) §
  13. Ruth Fielding in the Red Cross, or Doing Her Bit for Uncle Sam (1918) §
  14. Ruth Fielding at the War Front, or The Hunt for the Lost Soldier (1918) §
  15. Ruth Fielding Homeward Bound, or A Red Cross Worker's Ocean Perils (1919) §
  16. Ruth Fielding Down East, or The Hermit of Beach Plum Point (1920) §
  17. Ruth Fielding in the Great Northwest, or The Indian Girl Star of the Movies (1921) §
  18. Ruth Fielding on the St. Lawrence, or The Queer Old Man of the Thousand Islands (1922) §
Twelve Further titles published between 1923 and 1934

Ship and Shore[edit]

Published as Edward Stratemeyer

  1. The Last Cruise of the Spitfire; or, Luke Foster's strange voyage, (1894, revised 1900)
  2. Reuben Stone's Discovery; or, The Young Miller of Torrent Bend, (1895, revised 1900)
  3. True to Himself; or, Roger Strong's struggle for place, (1900)

Six Little Bunkers[edit]

Published as Laura Lee Hope

Soldiers of Fortune[edit]

Published as Edward Stratemeyer

  1. On to Pekin, (1900)
  2. Under the Mikado's Flag, or Young Soldiers of Fortune
  3. At the Fall of Port Arthur, (1905) §

Speedwell Boys[edit]

Published as Roy Rockwood

Tom Swift[edit]

Published as Victor Appleton

  1. Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle, or, Fun and Adventures on the Road (1910)
  2. Tom Swift and His Motor-Boat, or, the Rivals of Lake Carlopa (1910)
  3. Tom Swift and His Airship (1910)
  4. Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat, or, under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure (1910) §
  5. Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout, or, the Speediest Car on the Road (1910)
  6. Tom Swift and His Wireless Message, or, the castaways of Earthquake island (1911) §
  7. Tom Swift Among the Diamond Makers, or, The Secret of Phantom Mountain (1911)
  8. Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice, or, the Wreck of the Airship (1911)
  9. Tom Swift and His Sky Racer, or, the Quickest Flight on Record (1911)
  10. Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle, or, Daring Adventures on Elephant Island (1911) §
  11. Tom Swift in the City of Gold, or, Marvelous Adventures Underground (1912)
  12. Tom Swift and His Air Glider, or Seeking the Platinum Treasure (1912) §
  13. Tom Swift in Captivity, or a Daring Escape By Airship (1912) §
  14. Tom Swift and His Wizard Camera, or, Thrilling Adventures While Taking Moving Pictures (1912)
  15. Tom Swift and His Great Searchlight; or, on the border for Uncle Sam (1912) §
  16. Tom Swift and His Giant Cannon, or, the Longest Shots on Record (1913) §
  17. Tom Swift and His Photo Telephone or the Picture That Saved a Fortune (1914)
  18. Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship, or, the Naval Terror of the Seas (1915) librivox audio §
  19. Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel, or, the Hidden City of the Andes (1916)
  20. Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders, or, the Underground Search for the Idol of Gold (1917) librivox audio
  21. Tom Swift and His War Tank, or, Doing His Bit for Uncle Sam (1918) §
  22. Tom Swift and His Air Scout, or, Uncle Sam's Mastery of the Sky (1919) §
  23. Tom Swift and His Undersea Search, or, the Treasure on the Floor of the Atlantic (1920)
  24. Tom Swift Among the Fire Fighters, or, Battling with Flames from the Air (1921)
  25. Tom Swift and His Electric Locomotive, or, Two Miles a Minute on the Rails (1922)
Fifteen further books published between 1923 and 1940

39. Tom Swift and His Giant Telescope, 1939 (unrenewed), published as Victor Appleton II

Working Upwards[edit]

Edward Stratemeyer

  1. The Young Auctioneers; or, The Polishing of a Rolling Stone, (1897)
  2. Bound to be an Electrician; or, Franklin Bell's Success, (1897)
  3. Shorthand Tom the Reporter; or, The Exploits of a Smart Boy (1897)
  4. Fighting for His Own; or, The Fortunes of a Young Artist (1897)

Single books[edit]

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