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Information about this edition
Edition: The Holy Bible (London: Robert Barker, 1611).
Contributor(s): Moverton, Dakota Groves
Level of progress:

100 percents.svg Completed and Proofread:

  • Epistle Dedicatorie

75%.svg Completed, In Need to be Proofread:

  • Philippians

25%.svg Currently Being Transcribed:

Notes: The transcriber's typographic notes:
  • The original text contains frequent use of the long s (ſ) where the letter occurs within or at the beginning of a word. It has been faithfully reproduced here.
  • The letter variant r rotunda was used wherever the letter combination "or" occurred, but because it is unavailable in most typefaces, it has not been reproduced here.
  • The Tironian "et" (⁊) was also used in the text and has been reproduced here.
  • The Double Hyphen "⸗" was also used in the text and has been reproduced here.
  • The same character is used for both modern letters "I" and "J", and also "i" and "j". In this transcription it appears as "I", or "i", for both.
  • For both the modern letters "u" and "v", the original text used only the letter "u" to represent both in all cases but when it was the first character of the word, when "v" appears instead.
  • The page and book headings are also reproduced here.
  • The words of Jesus are presented in red, though it doesn't reflect the orginal text, it keep the words of Jesus both distinguishable and familar to readers.
Proofreaders: Moverton, Dakota Groves


The King James Version is also known as the Authorized Version. In most of the world, it has passed out of copyright and can be freely reproduced. In the United Kingdom, however, it is still copyrighted and is subject to an eternal Crown copyright. Permission to publish in England and Wales can be obtained by following the guidance in A Brief Guide to Liturgical Copyright, third edition (RTF file); permission to publish in Scotland requires contacting the Scottish Bible Board.

This work is in the public domain outside the United Kingdom because the author has been deceased at least 100 years.

However, this work is under a perpetual copyright in the United Kingdom until 1 January 2040.




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