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Information about this edition
Edition: 1905
Source: OCR from proofread against facsimile from same source. Exception: Volume 8 is from Google Books and is the 1906 edition. Source links:

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Contributor(s): Bob Burkhardt
Level of progress: Mostly incomplete. 25%.png
Notes: Wikisource templates:
  • Header for articles: Use {{NIE}}
  • Header for index pages and subpages: Use {{NIE Index Page}}
  • Linking to other articles within an article: Use {{NIE Article Link}}
  • Citing Encyclopædia articles in author pages: Use {{NIE Link}}
  • Linking pronunciation respellings to key: Use {{NIE key}}

Wikipedia templates:

  • Citing Encyclopædia articles: {{Cite NIE}} (with optional public domain notice)
  • Poster for linking to Encyclopædia articles: {{NIE Poster}}

Wiktionary templates:

  • Linking to Encyclopædia articles: {{projectlink|NIE}}

In the sources, authors for some articles are listed at the beginning of each volume. The style manual for the 1911 Britannica project can serve here, as applicable, until one is formulated specifically for this project. A guideline for formulating article file names is to use the boldface text (not all caps) along with the small-caps text at the beginning of each article. All volumes now have index pages. At some point, sub-index pages will be introduced for each volume which provide a complete listing of article links.

Editors can refer to the Key to pronunciation for guidance on mapping characters in the source which don't seem readily available in a Latin font to characters that are more available. See also {{NIE key}} above.

NIE 1905 Frontispiece - The World.jpg

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