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The current Maintenance of the Month task is:

Proposed policies and guidelines

Giving an agreed status to proposed rules

Previous maintenance: Author page connection with Wikidata items
The next scheduled collaboration will begin in August.

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Template to announce the current Wikisource:Maintenance of the Month, including the subject of current maintenance project and that of the previous month.



This code, entered anywhere on Wikisource, will create the Maintenance of the Month announcement box.


This template should be updated every month to reflect the new subject of Maintenance of the Month. It has three parameters:

 | MOTMtitle    = 
 | MOTMsubtitle = 
 | lastMOTM     = 
  • MOTMtitle: The subject area to be maintained this month.
  • MOTMsubtitle: More detailed description of the focus of the maintenance. May include wikilinks to relevant pages.
  • lastMOTM: The previous MOTMtitle

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