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<< This template has been deprecated. see {{Plain sister}}>>

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The individual interwiki linking templates have been deprecated on Wikisource. All interwiki links can now be accessed through the different header templates. Different namespaces should use different header templates, although the parameters remain the same in each because the headers are indirectly calling the {{plain sister}} template. If no header template is available, the {{plain sister}} template should be used directly.

Alternative usage[edit]

Instead of using, for example, the following code to link to another project,


each header template contains interwiki parameters, for example,

 | wikipedia = Foo

These interwiki parameters will create a discrete interwiki link, or series of interwiki links, within the header.

In namespaces with no header template, use the {{plain sister}} template directly. For example,

{{plain sister|wikipedia = Foo}}

Full details can be found in the documentation of either the header templates or the plain sister template.

Header templates
Namespace Header
Main {{header}}
Author {{author}}
Portal {{portal header}}
Wikisource {{process header}}

Deprecated link templates[edit]

These templates should not be used on English Wikisource. They have been kept because they are commonly used on other Wikisources and other Wikimedia projects, so new users will expect them to exist on this project.