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Adams, Samuel Hopkins
Edition of 1920. See also Samuel Hopkins Adams on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

ADAMS, Samuel Hopkins, b. Dunkirk, N. Y., 26 Jan. 1871. He was graduated from Hamilton College in 1891 and spent the next nine years as reporter and special writer on the New York Sun. He was managing editor of McClure's Syndicate 1900-01; advertising manager of McClure, Phillips & Co., 1901-02; and a member of the staff of McClure's Magazine 1903-05. He contributed a noteworthy exposure of quack medicines in a series of articles to Collier's Weekly in 1906, which resulted in the correction of many of the abuses described and the closing down of several patent medicine factories. He has written ‘The Great American Fraud’ (1906); ‘The Mystery’ (with Stewart Edward White, 1905); ‘The Flying Death’ (1906); ‘Average Jones’ (1911); ‘The Secret of Lonesome Cove’ (1913); ‘The Clarion’ (1914); ‘Little Miss Grouch’ (1915); ‘Our Square and the People in It’ (1917).