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Alcott, May
Edition of 1920. See also Abigail May Alcott Nieriker on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

ALCOTT, May (Mme. Ernest Nieriken), American artist, daughter of A. B. Alcott: b. Concord, Mass., 1840; d. 1879. She studied at the Boston School of Design, and under Krug, Rimmer, Hunt, Vautier, Johnston and Müller. Thenceforward she lived variously in Boston, London and Paris; after marriage chiefly in the last. She did good work in still-life painting, both oil and water-color, and copied Turner so ably that Ruskin had some of the work adopted for models at the South Kensington schools. She published ‘Concord Sketches,’ with a preface by her sister (1869); ‘Art Studying Abroad’ (1879).