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Aufrecht, Theodor
Edition of 1920. See also Theodor Aufrecht on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

AUFRECHT, ouf'rĕHt, Theodor, German Oriental scholar: b. Leschnitz, 7 Jan. 1822; d. 1907. Graduating from the University of Berlin, he immediately became interested in Oriental research. When only 25 years of age he published a treatise on Sanskrit (Bonn 1847). With Kirchhoff he collaborated in the publication of ‘Die umbrischen Denkmäler’ (1849-51). In 1862 he was appointed professor of Sanskrit at the University of Edinburgh, but in 1875 returned to Bonn. Among his works are an edition of the ‘Rigsveda,’ rendered into Roman letters (Bonn 1877); ‘Aitareya Brahmana’ (1879); ‘Catalogus Catalogorum,’ an alphabetical register of Sanskrit works and authors (Leipzig 1896-1903)