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Edition of 1920. See also Eduard Bendemann on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

BENDEMANN, bĕn'dĕ-mạn, Eduard, German painter: b. Berlin, 3 Dec. 1811; d. Düsseldorf, 27 Dec. 1889. As early as 1832 his great picture of the ‘Jews Mourning in Exile’ was exhibited at Berlin, and in 1837 he gained the gold medal at Paris. In 1838 he was appointed professor of the Academy of Art at Dresden. Here he was entrusted with the execution of the larger frescoes in the palace, and on these his fame chiefly depends. In 1858 he was appointed director of the Düsseldorf Academy, a post which he held until 1867. He afterward produced several large canvases and frescoes, some of which are among his best works. Tytler, ‘Modern Painters and their Paintings’ (1899).