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Blackwell, Mrs. Antoinette Louisa
Edition of 1920. See also Antoinette Louisa Blackwell on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

BLACKWELL, Mrs. Antoinette Louisa (Brown), American woman suffragist and Unitarian minister: b. Henrietta, N. Y., 20 May 1825. A graduate of Oberlin College (1847), she “preached on her own orders,” at first in Congregational churches, becoming at length a champion of women's rights. She married Samuel C., a brother of Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell (1856). She has written ‘Shadows of Our Social System’ (1855); ‘The Island Neighbors’ (1871), a novel of American life; ‘Sexes Throughout Nature’ (1875); ‘The Physical Basis of Immortality’ (1876); ‘The Philosophy of Individuality’ (1893); ‘Sea Drift, or a Tribute to the Ocean’ (1903).