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The Encyclopedia Americana
Elmendorf, Theresa Hubbell West
Edition of 1920. See also Theresa Elmendorf on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

ELMENDORF, Theresa Hubbell West, American librarian: b. Pardeeville, Wis., 1855. She was graduated at Miss Wheelock's Seminary, Milwaukee, in 1874 and from 1880 to 1896 was deputy librarian and librarian of the Milwaukee Public Library. In 1896 she married Henry Livingston Elmendorf (d. 1906), and in 1906 was appointed vice-librarian of the Buffalo Public Library. In 1903-04 she was president of the New York Library Association and in 1911 became president of the American Library Association — the first woman to fill that office. She was also coeditor of the ‘American Library Association Catalogue’ and has published many articles in library periodicals on professional topics.