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Gaspé, Philip Aubert de
Edition of 1920. See also Philippe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspé on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

GASPÉ, gäs'pā', Philip Aubert de, Canadian author: b. Quebec, 30 Oct. 1786; d. there, 29 Jan. 1871. A lawyer, afterward sheriff, he became involved in debt for which he was imprisoned four years; and when released, secluded himself on his estate of Saint Jean Port-Joli. His ‘Old-Time Canadians’ (1863), and his ‘Memoirs’ (1866), treat of Canadian traditions and folklore, and were written in French. The former was perhaps the most popular book ever published in the province of Quebec. English translations have been made by Mrs. Pennie and G. C. D. Roberts.