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Kohlrausch, Rudolf Hermann Arndt
Edition of 1920. See also Rudolf Kohlrausch on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

KOHLRAUSCH, Rudolf Hermann Arndt, German physicist: b. Göttingen, 6 Nov. 1809; d. Erlangen, 9 March 1858. He was successively teacher of mathematics and physics at Lüneberg, Rinteln, Cassell, Marburg. He was appointed professor of physics of the University of Erlangen (1857). In collaboration with W. Weber, he carried out the first mechanical measurements of electric currents, laying the ground for the absolute system of electrical measurement. Consult Weber, W., and Kohlrausch, R., ‘Fünf Abhandlungen über absolute elektrische Stromung Widerstandsmessung’ (in Paper No. 142 of Ostwald's ‘Klassikern der exakten Wissenschaften,’ Leipzig 1904).