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Lützow, Franz Heinrich Valentin, Count
Edition of 1920. See also Franz Heinrich Hieronymus Valentin von Lützow on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

LÜTZOW, lüt'sō, Franz Heinrich Valentin, Count, Austrian author. He was born at Hamburg, educated at Vienna and Innsbruck and followed a diplomatic career. He was appointed chamberlain of the emperor of Austria from 1881. He was Ilchester lecturer at Oxford (1904), and in 1912 lectured at American universities. He has published ‘History of Bohemian Literature’ (1899); ‘Prague,’ in ‘Mediæval Town’ series (1901); ‘Historians of Bohemia’ (1905); ‘Life and Times of Master John Hus’ (1909); and ‘The Hussite Wars’ (1914).