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Edition of 1920. See also Henri La Fontaine on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

LAFONTAINE, Henri, Belgian jurist: b. Brussels, 22 April 1854. He was appointed (1878) secretary of the Gesellschaft für Förderung der Mädchenarbeiter Schulen, and (1889) secretary of the Belgian Peace Society. In 1893 he became professor of international law, and was made (1895) senator, also director of the International Bibliographical Institute, and in 1907 was appointed secretary of the Union of International Associations. He was awarded (1913) the Nobel prize for his work in the advancement of international peace. He wrote ‘Les droits et des obligations des entrepreneurs de travaux publics’ (1885); ‘Traité de la contrefaçon’ (l888); ‘Pasicrisie internationale’ (1902); ‘Bibliographie de la Paix et de l'Arbitrage’ (1904).