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Meyer, Eduard
Edition of 1920. See also Eduard Meyer on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

MEYER, Eduard, German historian: b. Hamburg, 25 Jan. 1855. He was educated at the universities of Bonn and Leipzig, and after completing his studies spent one year in Constantinople. In 1879 he went to the University of Leipzig as privatdocent; in 1885 became professor of ancient history at Breslau and in 1889 at Halle. He has written ‘Geschichte der Alten Ægypter’ (1877); ‘Geschichte des Altertums’ (1884-1902), his largest work; ‘Forschungen zur Alten Geschichte’ (1892-99); ‘Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der Gracchen’ (History of Greece) (1894); ‘Wirtschaftliche Entwickelung des Altertums’ (1895); and ‘Die Entstehung des Judentums’ (1896); ‘Zur Theorie und Methodik der Geschichte’ (1902); ‘Der Israeliten und ihre Nachbarstamme’ (1906).