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Edition of 1920. See also Sarah Tyson Rorer on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

RORER, Sarah Tyson, American teacher of domestic science: b. Richboro, Pa., 18 Oct. 1849. She was graduated from the academy at East Aurora, N. Y., and was married in 1871 to W. A. Rorer. She was for many years principal of the Philadelphia School of Domestic Science, and she lectured widely. She was editor and part owner of Table Talk in 1886-92, edited Household News in 1893-97 and was later on the editorial staff of the Ladies' Home Journal. She was a director of the Pennsylvania Chautauqua School of Domestic Science. Her publications include ‘Mrs. Rorer's New Cook Book’; ‘How to Use a Chafing Dish’; ‘Colonial Cookery’; ‘A Book on Diet and Cookery,’ etc.