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Whitney, Gertrude Vanderbilt
Edition of 1920. See also Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

WHITNEY, Gertrude Vanderbilt (Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney), American sculptor, daughter of Cornelius Vanderbilt, 1843-99 (q.v.): b. New York City. She was married to H. P. Whitney, son of William C. Whitney (q.v.), in 1896, is prominent socially and has gained a considerable reputation as a sculptor, he organized the Society of Friends for Young Artists; and during the European War she maintained a hospital at Neuilly, France, for which service she received a gold medal from the French Foreign Office in 1915. She designed the ‘Titanic Memorial’ for Potomac Park, Washington, D. C.; the ‘Aztec Fountain,’ Pan-American Union, Washington; ‘The Fountain of El Dorado’ (exhibited at San Francisco, 1915), etc.