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Edition of 1920. See also Heinrich von Wild on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

WILD, Heinrich, hīn'rĭH vĭlt, Swiss meteorologist: b. Uster, 17 Dec. 1833; d. Zurich, 3 Sept. 1902. His education was obtained at Zurich, Königsberg and Heidelberg, and from 1863 to 1865 he was director of the central meteorological bureau at Bern. He was called to Saint Petersburg, and was director of the Russian meteorological service 1868-95, when he retired. He invented the polaristrobometer, a polarization plutometer, a magnetic theodolite and other optical instruments, edited the Russian ‘Neues Repertorium für Meteurologie,’ and published ‘Temperatur-Verhältnisse des russischfen Reichs’ (1876), and technical papers.