The Jewish Problem - Its Solution or, Israel's Present and Future

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Jewish Problem: Its Solution or, Israel's Present and Future  (1894)  by David Baron
Table of Contents
In this work Hebrew-Christian author, David Baron, shines a light on Biblical prophecies which foretell of the dispersion of the Jews among the Gentile nations of the Earth. He sets forth compelling arguments for the return of Jews to the land of Israel, from scripture, more than 50 years before the events that led to the reestablishment of the nation of Israel. Moreover he attacks Supersessionists, and other theologians who engage in the practice of "Spiritualizing" scripture and in so doing theologically redacting Israel from God's plan. He asserts that Christian missions to Jews are necessary part of Christian missions and continue to see growth. Though the author looked for many individual Jews to accept Jesus as the Messiah, he did not believe that Messianic Judaism would become normative within the nation until the events immediately preceding the Second Coming.


I. The Jewish Problem
II. "The Time of Israel's Trouble"
III. Israel's Conversion
IV. The Present Condition of Israel
V. A Dark Picture: Or, a Contrast Between the Human and Divine Side of the Jewish Problem
Appendix: Hebrew Christian Testimony to Israel

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