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Edition of 1906. See also Heinrich Füger on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

FÜGER, fụ'gẽr, Heinrich (1751-1818). A German painter, born at Heilbronn, Württemberg. He was a pupil of Guibal in Stuttgart, and of Oeser in Leipzig. Afterwards he traveled, and spent some time in Rome. In 1806 he became director of the Belvedere Gallery, Vienna. Among his historical paintings are: “The Death of Germanicus” (1789); “The Murder of Cæsar;” “The Farewell of Coriolanus;” “Allegory on the Peace of Vienna” (1801); “Achilles at the Body of Patroclus;” “Apollo and the Muses;” and among his portraits those of the Emperor Joseph II., the Grand Duchess Elizabeth, and Queen Caroline of Naples. He painted in the classic style of the school of David.