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Hedberg, Frans Teodor
Edition of 1905. See also Frans Hedberg on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

HEDBERG, hĕd'bĕr-y', Frans Teodor (1828—). A Swedish dramatist, born at Stockholm. He had tried various professions, including that of actor and wig-maker, before he set seriously to work as a dramatist (1854). Afterwards he was appointed reader, and then teacher, at the Royal Theatre in Stockholm (1861), and later director of the New Theatre, Gothenburg (1881). In 1883 he gave up this position to devote himself entirely to writing. His works include comedies, tragedies, adaptations, translations, vaudevilles, and poems. The best known of his plays is Brölloppet på Ulfåsa (1865). He also wrote: Karaktäristiker och Porträter af Svenska Skådespelare (1884), and Karaktäristiker och Porträter af Svenska Operasönngare (1885), besides other works dealing with theatrical subjects.