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Hoefer, Edmund
Edition of 1905. See also Edmund Hoefer on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

HOEFER, hẽ'fẽr, Edmund (1819-82). A German novelist. He was born at Greifswald, was educated there, and in the universities of Heidelberg and Berlin. His first stories appeared in 1845, and from that time onward he wrote many novels marked by excellence of characterization, such as: Schwanwiek (1856); Bewegtes Leben (1856); Norien. Erinnerungen einer alten Frau (1858); Die Honoratiorentochter (1861); Altermann Ryke (1865); Ein Findling (1868); Der Junker (1878); and In der letzten Stunde (1881). The eighth edition of his Wie das Volk spricht was published in 1876.