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Kellerman, William Ashbrook
Edition of 1905. See also William Ashbrook Kellerman on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

KELLERMAN, William Ashbrook (1850—). An American botanist, born at Ashville, Ohio. He graduated at Cornell (1874), and received his Ph.D. at Zurich (1881). He was natural science master in the State Normal School of Wisconsin for five years; then professor of botany and zoölogy in the Agricultural College of Kansas, as well as State botanist there; and he wrote a pamphlet upon the flora of Kansas. In 1891 he was appointed professor of botany in the Ohio State University at Columbus, the institution which published his Catalogue of Ohio Plants (1899), the fourth it had issued, with a supplement the following year, and also The Non-Indigenous Flora of Ohio (1900), which he prepared with the assistance of his wife.