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Radde, Gustav Ferdinand Richard
Edition of 1905. See also Gustav Radde on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

RADDE, rȧd'de, Gustav Ferdinand Richard (1831-1903). A German-Russian naturalist and traveler, born at Danzig. After accompanying the Russian expedition to Southeast Siberia (1855-60) and going with Von Baer on his scientific trip through Southern Russia (1862), he founded at Tiflis the Museum of the Caucasus, of which he became director. In this capacity he traveled through Upper Armenia (1871), Northern Persia (1879), Daghestan (1885 and 1894), Khorasan (1886), and along the eastern coast of the Black Sea (1890). Among his works are: Reisen im Süden von Ostsibirien (1862-64); Vier Vorträge über den Kaukasus (1874); Die Chews'uren und ihr Land (1878); in Russian a description of his voyage with the grand dukes Alexander and Sergeis Mikhailovitch (1892); Das Ostufer des Pontus (1894); and Die Sammlungen des kaukasischen Museums (1900 et seq.).