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Edition of 1905. See also Johann Andreas Schmeller on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

SCHMELLER, shmĕl'lēr. Johann Andreas (1785-1852). A German philologist. He was born at Tirschenreuth, Bavaria, and studied in Munich. His studies of German dialects began with Bavarian, and in 1821 he published Die Mundarten Bayerns (supplemented by a lexicon, 1827-30). From 1828 until his death he taught in the University of Munich. Schmeller edited the Heliand (1830); the Old High German Evangelienharmonie (1841); the Muspilli (1832); Lateinische Gedichte des 10. und 11. Jahrhunderts (1836); Carmina Burana (1847); and Hadamar von Laber's Jagd (1850). His Cimbrisches Wörterbuch was edited by Bergmann in 1855. Consult Nicklas, Schmellers Leben und Wirken (Munich, 1885).