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Vital Changes Proposed in the City Government.


Board of Estimate Reformed — To Abolish Municipal Assembly — Single Police Head — School Amendments.

By arrangements made with Gov. Roosevelt the Charter Rivision Commission will give out to-day the report of the changes which it thinks should be made in the government of the city. It has also been decided that the public shall be informed of the recommendations of the commission on Monday morning.

The report will be signed to-day. George L. Rives, who has charge of the publication of the document, assures the public that no copy will be given out for publication before that day and if any paper purports to print the report the copy will have been obtained by surreptitious means.

It is said that the hardest work of the commission was to find some way by which the power of the Mayor as the practical head of the Board of Estimate could be curbed. Under the present charter the majority of the members of the board are controlled by the Mayor through his own election and his personal appointments to the offices of Corporation Counsel and President of the Department of Taxes and Assessments.

The charge made against the Board of Estimate has been that while it was practically in control of the City Government, as it regulated all expenses, the body was not representative of the people. Various remedies were suggested. The idea which the commission wanted embodied in the revised charter was to have a majority of the Board of Estimate elected by the people.

The proposed new law, it is said, will make the Board of Estimate include the Mayor, the Controller, the President of the Board of Aldermen, and the Presidents of the five boroughs. Whenever a question comes to a vote the Mayor shall have three votes, the Controller three votes, the President of the Board of Aldermen three votes; the Presidents of the Boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn two votes, and the Presidents of teh Boroughs of Bronx, Queens, and Richmond one vote each, making in all sixteen votes. No official appointed by the Mayor will have a voice or vote in the proceedings of the board.

After a long contest it is said that the final determination of the commission is to continue the term of office for the Mayor at four years. He is to be ineligible to re-election.

The present Municipal Assembly will be abolished if the recommendations of the commission are accepted. Instead of the dual legislative body there will be a Board of Aldermen, consisting of sixty members. The members of this board will be elected at large, that is, he will be elected by a vote of all the citizens of the city, in the same manner as the Mayor. He will also be eligible to fill the office of Mayor in case of the removal by death or otherwise of the head of the city Government.

An added power will be given to the Mayor. He will have complete control of all his subordinates and may remove any of them at will during his term of office, instead of during the first six months of his term, as under the present charter.

A revolution is planned in the Police Department, if the revision suggestions are adopted. It is suggested that the police be placed under the control of a Police Commissioner whose salary shall be $10,000 a year. The increase in the salary is made, so declares one of the Commissioners, to secure a man of the highest ability for the place. The Bureau of Elections will be separated from the Police Department entirely. The Chief of the Police, according to the proposed law, can be removed by the votes of the Police Commissioner and the Mayor. The bi-partisan idea for the Bureau of Elections has been recommended.

The Department of Education has presented one of the most difficult problems for the revisionists. The final conclusion is to recommend to the Legislature the abolition of the Borough Boards of the Department of Education and the formation of a compact central board, consisting of forty-six members. Of this number Manhattan and the Bronx are to have twenty-two, Brooklyn fourteen, and Queens and Richmond five each.

According to the statements made by men who have been asked for advice, the Davis salary law will be repealed if the recommendations of the Charter Revision Commission are adopted. The provision for a tax of 4 mills on each $100 of property valuation for the salaries of school teachers will also be annulled. It is said that the provision for the regulation of school teachers' salaries provides that the Central Board of Education, with the approval of the Board of Estimate, shall, before July 1, 1901, adopt a new salary schedule, otherwise the salaries of all teachers are to be fixed at the figures which prevailed before Dec. 31, 1809, or before the Davis law took effect. The teachers would, therefore, receive the salaries fixed by the Ahearn law.

It is also proposed to divide the city into forty-six school districts on a basis of school population. The Central Board will elect the Superintendent of Schools and also fifteen District Superintendents.

One of the most radical changes in the charter which is said the revisionists will propose is to abolish several of the boards which now have charge of large departments. For instance, the Department of Charities is to be controlled by one Commissioner instead of a board of three Commissioners, as at present. There will be deputies, in each borough, under the control of the Commissioner. The Department of Parks will also be placed under the control of one Commissioner.

The Department of Corrections will be under the charge of a single Commissioner, without any deputies in the boroughs.

One of the most radical provisions in the amended charter may result in a charge in the hospital system of the city. All the emergency hospitals under the city's control will be placed in charge of a commission of seven physicians, who will serve without pay. These hospitals are all now under the control of the Department of Charities.

What will happen to the mass of suggestions made by the Charter Revision Commission when the legislature meets is problematical. Senator Thomas C. Platt has within the past few days stated that a good many of its recommendations would not be adopted by the Legislature.






Stocks irregular. Financial Affairs.—Pages 12 and 13.

Wheat, No. 2 red, 77⅜c.; corn, No. 2 mixed, 45⅝c.; oats, No. 2 mixed, 26½c.; cotton, middling, 10¼c.; Iron, No. 1 foundry, $16; butter, Western creamery, 25c. Commercial World.—Page 11.

Amusements.—Page 8.

Arrivals at Hotels and Out-of-Town Buyers.—Page 5.

Business Troubles.—Page 11.

Court Calendars.—Page 11.

Insurance Notes.—Page 13.

Losses by Fire.—Page 5.

Marine Intelligence and Foreign Malls.—Page 2.

New Corporations—Page 13.

Real Estate.—Page 11.

Religious News—Page 6.

Society.—Page 9.

United Service.—Page 3.

Weather Report.—Page 5.

Yesterday's Fires—Page 5.

The Pennsylvania Railroad's Position.

Ever at the front of the railroads of the country.
Its Limited leads the line.—Adv.


Stock in the United States Treasury, $474,108,366 — Probably $1,100,000,000 in the Country.

WASHINGTON. Nov. 30. — The largest stock of gold coin and bullion ever held in the United States is now accumulated in the Treasury and its branches. The total has been rising steadily during the whole of the present year, and is now $474,108,366, or about $76,000,000 greater than at the close of 1899.

This gold is not all the direct property of the United States, but is held against outstanding gold certificates. The amount of these less the amount in the Treasury and its branches, was $230,755,809 Wednesday. All the remaining gold, amounting to about $243,000,000, belongs to the Treasury, including the reserve fund of $150,000,000.

The influx of gold into the Treasury comes partly from the new gold from the Klondike and the other mines, but its retention is due to the pressure for currency, which leads to the acceptance of gold certificates and other paper money in preference to coin. The Treasury recently has been shipping small notes in large quantities to New Orleans and other points upon deposits of gold in the New York Sub-Treasury by the New York reserve agents of the Southern banks.

The fact that $474,108,366 is thus accumulated in a sense under a single authority enables an estimate to be made of some of the other visible gold resources of the country. The National banks reported gold holdings on Sept. 5 of about $312,000,000, of which amount $115,018,140 was in the gold certificates issued by the Treasury, makes a total in these two classes of establishments alone of about $670,000,000. This is more than the entire estimated stock of gold in the United States at the close of 1895.

The gold supply of the country on the last day of 1896 was estimated at $692,947,212. The estimated amount Nov. 1, 1900, was $1,080,027,407, and it is probable that the report for Dec. 1 will show at least $1,100,000,000. The Treasury officials are confident that the round sum of $475,000,000 in Treasury gold holdings will soon be attained, and that even $500,000,000 is not beyond reasonable expectation.


Two Cases Are Found Next Door to the Tenderloin Police Station.

It became known last night that two cases of smallpox had developed during the past two weeks at the New York Colored Mission House for Women, at 135 West Thirtieth Street. Both of the patients were removed to North Brothers Island for treatment. Late last night a surgeon connected with the Board of Health appeared at the West Thirtieth Street Police Station and requested Sergt. Carson to detail a policeman to accompany him to the home, next door. The cause of the late visit was to vaccinate the inmates. After much knocking the surgeon, accompanied by Policeman Ahearn, managed to awake a matron, who let them in.

All of the inmates were vaccinated, some of them submitting gracefully to the ordeal, while others were frightened and a few angry at the hour selected for the vaccination.

GIVE AWAY $100,000.

Delaware Man Keeps Thanksgiving Day Vow in Novel Fasion.

Special to The New York Times.

WILMINGTON, Del., Nov. 30. — Alexander Jackson of Camden, one of the best-known old men of Kent County, recently decided that if he lived until Thanksgiving Day he would distribute part of his fortune. He has no children and few immediate relatives. he is going to give away $100,000.

Mr. Jackson began the distribution of his wealth in a novel manner. For many years Frank Jackson has driven a hack between Wyoming Station and Camden. Frank Jackson, who is no relation to Alexander Jackson, had an antiquated cab. A few days ago Alexander Jackson appointed a committee to go to Philadelphia and spend $700 in the purchase of a fine pair of Western horses, a modern upholstered hack, nickel-plated harness, and other equipment, which were presented to Frank Jackson.

Edgar Stubbs, a clerk in the store of Jackson Stubbs, in Camden, gets $3,000 and a fine farm near Marydel. His brother, Jackson Stubbs, besides other gifts, gets $300 in cash. Mrs. Henry R. Draper, wife of the Justice of the Peace of Camden, receives $9,100 in property.

Mrs. William T. Jakes, wife of the express agent at Wyoming, gets $5,000, principally in well invested securities; Miss Mary Draper, a well-known young woman of Camden, receives $3,000.

Alexander Draper and Avery Draper, farmers, near Wyoming, each $3,000 in cash; Mrs. Annie Booker, recently married to a merchant of Hillsborough, Md., gets property valued at $3,000, and Isaac Jackson, a grocer at Wyoming, $2,500 and Miss Sallie Jackson, his daughter, $4,500.

Other gifts are to follow.

CLEARED OF $2,891,003 OF DEBT.

Arndt K. Housekeeper as Voluntary Bankrupt Discharged in Philadelphia.

PHILADELPHIA. Nov. 30 — Arndt K. Housekeeper of Narberth, Penn., was discharged as a voluntary bankrupt in the United States District Court to-day, with liabilities of $2,891,003,83 and assets of $25.

It was stated that thirteen years ago, when Housekeeper was twenty-two years of age, some friends induced him to go on their bond in a gigantic real estate operation. This involved the erection of 800 houses in Philadelphia and near-by cities. He signed the necessary papers without thoroughly understanding what he was doing. Later the burden of the mortgages, nearly $3,000,000, fell on his shoulders.

The holders of the mortgages began proceedings against him. The judgements against him. The judgements against him are held by trust companies and estates in various parts of the United Sates.

Reported Rich Gold Find in Arizona.

Special to The New York Times.

YUMA, Arizona, Nov. 30. — One of the richest gold ledges ever known in Arizona is reported to have been discovered in Central Yuma County, near the famous King of Arizona mines. The ore is said to be fairly speckled with free gold. The locators, six Yuma Mexicans, have bonded their main claims with absolutely no development work done for $50,000. The option has been secured by Ira P. Smith, Assistant Superintendent of the Territorial Penitentiary, who represents Frank M. Murphy of Prescott and several Los Angeles capitalists. The mine is in the most arid section of Arizona, about twenty-five miles east of the Colorado River, which is the nearest surface water.

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Various The gold supply of the country on the make against 01950 Pwtective ass¢¢iauons_ bgfne had no special causefoz. committing whlch he started. His craze for aesthetl- mam vf Ellfllra to be Adjutant V nerafotg - re edl ° d T 'cl | last day of 18516 was estimated at $692 947 - w Is was also disclbsed Y€3l°¢3€lY that an B“i°1de- H6 had Worked steadily up to last B Clem WHS 2~C¢0mpanied by ecoentrlcltles of f ~ » »~ - -_ 7 _-bi# m M were 3u?g°S" ' he'-‘ ea Wm" "1" The estimated amount Nov 1 ]900' 5 Ettempt was made before Mr Croker sa"-“`daY night- but Since ihali time hfld i dress, which SGOH 'made him One 0! 'the tm tmfcgs °f the stat' a°5`“’ C¥“°f'°f '- 'L“-"‘l ‘he °°“1f"*f'=3°D Wanted @mb°d1@d In 'he §lf0so.~.u7.4o:.`and n is pr<>l>alSle` nhaivghi Salled for Europe to break .up 'me pro- not been seen at the office, and was not most talkedsabdur persons ll l..- SWL Gem ‘H°f!man WSI" h15i>°hi!¢d b revised charter was to have a majority of re-Dorm for Dec, 1 will show’at least $1.l00,- tective association In *the Police De art- known to hive sent any explanation of his clad' 'himS€1f~ in 1718611 velvet; with knlck- GQY- R°°S0'V9|! hit 39-Ilill’Y" 5114262645 ' .§'L"f"* ' ' we Bom-d oi Estimate elected by the <»o<».neo_ The Treasury offlclals are confl- I mem- The answer of the heads orp the Hbséflce 1° the melrunflef Wh°"* he "Was . °"’°°"°“"' "~“" ¥“=1°k Silk Sfwkinss. amine, -Avery D= Andrews of New York. . , ar::s'.=f;f . l » _ dent' ,hm the round sum of 5475_000_000 mn 1-'ollce Department P;-ogecuve Association employed, His position was that of a coun- . ;V0l‘6 a sunflower. He was caricatured Mr- #Odell also announced Gp 'rea lntkf a D009 9- Treasury gold hmdings Wm soon be ab ls~ said to ;have been a. practical tdetiance' ter clerk. receiving messages. X1 Du Mallrier in Punch. and_satlF1zed by ment df J’ ling Partridge J0!‘~Broo lyn (` ~T'<#_ °f°“°“° " ‘S - 'hal ==»°¢~°°<f-<»<>» ls  :.s.;';s.s;:s; H*a‘:aa:;‘r:s<=@.:;:>;,"l:.“§.ezefm2.2: laters.; ll ..1;a:f.:».s~;...»lw’“'f°.s‘ ~°= ”° ““”°'"“°°<‘ *M P“~“= ‘°'°"==~- fi ~- * d d » make the Board ot Estimate lncllx the ` 0:-OH F08-“Ona e expectation. _» B 2 Ort 0 rea up t S ` 'f ' . ' ' -- ' ., - fl ‘ a encef' '_ ` ~ ` ~ '* il* _ _ ~_ _ V police assoclation w d t l sister. Mrs. _August Grenet. She had been ‘ BU1I¢h0l‘!e- . he advertlstn h I. ‘ - " ‘ .~ F" f L ~i . Mdylor, the Controller, the President of the '~*-'“i'*' ‘ lone. The tact that :ics :e5§h;ev§;:;n¢',§-q On terms of vbrywarm triendship with Os- I ‘7f'aS,Just what e -wanted. €loetxogo1f ‘gg T0 HB. ODELI. _ - ` ~-2 4 ` QF Board of Aldgfmen_ and the p,-esgdems of rled on by Mr_ C;-oker isqshown by sew borne tor about a. yesr. They qttentalked Qélniage of lt t feet a contract tor a '- » ' ' ' ’ ,Hg -_ he me béroughs whenever 3 uestlnn ~ eral interviews given out before lie sailed with “Gb 0012* WH the t€l@Ph°¥1€~ - I °°“4'e *UU* F" A ¢l'1¢=1- The tour was not ' ~ ’ ' ~ ‘ '~ ' ‘ " ` ff* '- ’ - fl _ _ _ in which ng told how strong the Dance Mrs. Grenet sald'Osborne seemed~to her i the S“°¢eS5 he had Hmiclpated, but he made He “‘"°9't°' ° 5|¥f9`5“na"¢ P ' 5.1 " f~ §`f,§f_§’ f§,,“§(,°,ff,‘H° “fiyl” f,“f" “if §‘";° T‘”° cas” A" F°“"" "°"* °°°" ‘° §'e‘§§,2§,,’}§,§2 },’."Z,’§,““§. ‘°g°"},°", “““ *ha* ‘he Z3 'Fyi °?l§‘e°§?5’°§§f’ifdf>‘§5 35% '“‘A'fi°§l§'$ ‘ s°6'?f l§'?$s'§-i¥u'§‘?l°¢'?>'§i.~land wud <1 ` ' ` "““ 9'°" ¥"l"`** "°‘=“ "‘ “- ~ ` mem 'of me Boa; E; A,;;.m3nefi".e&e;):;sf A f|"¢ T¢Fd¢|'|°5f P°|iC¢ Sfafibh- many Ha;ll_eve|- Zoflgggg, €f»,r§,§;;:“?1;éTg':1;: kllllew .dt hlm that she could regbllect was gggf sfcentrlcltles ofdress, butehmrglgig- ` ,5P¢¢W 5 77” Ni" y"’;f'n Tf'"é" ' ‘he Pf@S1~1@HfS Of me Bvfvuzhs Of Man- It became known last night that two ‘e§3"e;taS%l%g1x3?¥és oéogsufgsigner N:a.g~te ’;“?§' lgeggegcnember og Company F' Sew me hi;ho;!¢?¢ig~?c¢?irg2(; gr§?tf.xontc¥g: sxegrhigli NEWBWG' N" YT' H°v` }~3&°Th° ` hawm and Brooklyn two votes. and the cagpg of smalmox had de»e1ope¢ during wllsn seen By a Nnw Yom; Trung mponel-f --il--+ I {]‘§ll§1?ar?t_§g;1;f5:sal§0eI1w?s (liegarfied, aa 3 g§‘;'§;:;‘ S A”°‘;‘i';*“ Z; F115 dig” °f Ne L Pfelidsnls Of the .Boroughs ot Bronx. the past two weeks at the. New York Col- sq-'E PERILOUS RIDE ON A L0 ` L V‘ld ' ti t n 8 an pagan' ' ‘ 5 ‘ e 8' mm ' en ry “er tn gn ' QT' `~ I ~ FJ* Q“e"“S- 0041 Rfchmofld Um’ me 9Q¢‘'|. 0l'€d Mission House for Women. at 135 menagefg :`:gI;.l:'dtl?:)tr{)I';l;-132112 $113 ‘gre itlflrgr ` -i---f - ~ ' 5Nevgfiiéflél;3ze%1g;$h§lr1in¥g3§n YSEI3 lg; tQu°"m9mbe"'Bemamm B' eu' Jr"~ '~ '¢~ ` * ‘ r “BNHS ln all Sixteen votes- No’ official west Thlrtleth su-een. Both of the pa- ¥“i°“S 1" fhiidepartmenr. On tneother Msn nu 1 Thtlllldi: Exierieneo In will re§eived by-"3° ’°"*°‘"'I*’9-`» A!l¢§'hiH-_ me mann' ngm this °79f‘3“3‘- T _ ' "E" 4 r»V1éI3.;i,‘- ~ .‘2""°‘§“°I‘ “i “`* ”“‘?;F'~ ""} ".?”‘1“  »»@mf»~»d »° Nord Brothers less- .L‘liz;:';2“.;°;s°:§.°§:.:.f..§';°”)"°° V mm! ' ‘ dnléélf l¢.’.’f1..&‘;a;&;.r¢*=2 §§::§'.f..“2.s:ls““ ¥Zi”di‘2.;‘.?Z§”...”¥“’3‘;’;..““.?.2‘ .,."*“”......"°";;@ # l ~t=oe f ' i'**” " "0 9 ," ‘ 9 PPOCHE USS 0 I 6 021' ~ Island for treatment. Late last night a "Whv have so many men been di S`}c?al*o Th¢N~ Y l- 7" *The HWS! p0Da`~0f `Wilde's'boo`Ks ‘Was ` - . ' - _ - it ¢ '°"¥ ‘ 'vi ' '9 -“" -‘ il* After a lon contest it ls sald :hat the surgeon connected with the Board of charged?" was asked. ~ S* A ' ' ‘ tw DT" mm' . "The`P|9t“"‘?-°f DOPHH GPBY." Wh (EE h Jam” G' G"‘“¥“=1“S~“¢'°€f°vll°f- '5--'U *lr 'J ."".IT£’."ff‘-'T gm-;,| dwg,-m|§u0,,' of the cdmmlssiow ‘S Htalth appeared at the West Thirtieth _" Well, you see. I have had about 160 LEXIFGTON' Ky" .N°"' 30°'“'h”° E¥"9' ‘mmense gale' UPU* U1 ¢h€}T-Ylilfg M¢Km5h§31“@K¢WUYi3mD2.Dl¢3£€Y0f L", ' f'T"§f'&'- 'rn =»» mm of OM for me Stair."a:*°§.?.°fl“§".1'r.%.:;§:ei§°.§s;§:; ?~‘2!lE'”1“°L‘;€.'=B‘?;°w?.’.{.‘*‘°¥ .Sm "°"‘ "a “gg we °af¢hf°= 1" =~ »°°=» M first »3"i»»?l€l‘31¢E‘2€1'i?;’;‘.§3he is ldl°°'°° S>===~»~° ~°°*="- 1 P- “'“=°=-- -we “f # e r" * Mayor nl tuur yearsf He is to be ineligible pany him to the home, next door. The to C0llllll3¢ the men ealoixg lnagfcltihg liggrt Ford' “Ky” he lost his balance and len was a"°""afd “Sued *ll b00i! f0rmQ 'vailtig ebuayqr Benjmhm Bi odexi' father °f fha: I`/J” ' ` " " to rd.;-le¢¢l0n_ fazélsenrcagtgl-ge lzggte;/lsg ug'!?.Bk;l¢;c£{;.x(i;iI1€,t§e. go; ggatggr oflfaag; ghd la? fo,-ces me t6 .geadloenfbgto tge rlvex-.d Hi was :tear-ly &%nsidX§?§:@t§;id;E;>::aSb¥;lgafg. & Governor-elwt. William cook Belknap; T. . _ Th _ 1 M N , l . e m Tal' y e men as( a inwd mwn or e su‘ccee ed n qatc n a ‘ _ _ _ _ . 9 _D UH ‘rellresentatl of th ld Eb sf ' ` “Q ...,..;..‘;‘Z.°“i§‘ ...“2;§.‘:.‘..*;Z;;’R‘;E. ‘Zi“.¥.’Z l“.:§::>:- ....;‘s.;1':."l1"fx....‘°z ...‘:;~;f°'r.§~.2 ;::f2.2:..¥l°e “== “~f=="~">' M "'=f»’*‘f=° I r=»‘ ‘°»°ll.°“;;*:‘¢“ ie °"'==*'°=°‘~ l... .1 .. 'f ,. 2lllli2‘lzi.;”,ls2%:§“ “ “°°“‘ °‘;°.“$‘-%2~ “°» =*=° Qs-v§”l“§?'”§.'°» W' ‘ ‘ ‘ » - " . 5 0 - _ef Was* V€l`]F SW , <BI'l _ . 3 __ ¢" Ulf ‘ _ t _ _-, _ _ _' ‘ cummlssluu ue accepted. Instead or the lefushefn gn] ~ 1 _ _ ' l Comlnissloner Keating was highly, lnaig- two hohrs fortwo men ln s, skltt to oxggr- “§'}l';’(f’;§ P5 ¢'d _ B§~¥’f15§lb4_ 2- U1!£.?iIN'g§€d9 the»"§lessl;%;' _R%8bytEr¥aF' Q; _ F; -"L . -. 1 Y fi dum kegishuve may there Wm be a Board Ur. thgmtgeibnnrmisg v;€;e_&§ff`ln?;edh§og;_e Llggxtgglhinvgs gglgbggt 1};&g)gi(;Pd1€6 gzl-se; tglcesztlgnand rescue Plgg from hisper- prose wink ,tit ESS; iu&ihZilg¢;sé£1;g;t wghilggtlle gln{l;r_wa,tm_Dr§g:_e§s .IJ ‘ ._.._,5;; H '_-.i ..<;__ 1 _ , - ' . ~ ' ._ _ _ . ~ _ . _ - . .» Sl rl y e' , _ ___ Nh ._ fig ;:iI1;rrr:J¢;rll§ tgnalsgirég og sixty members. death while others were fnghtoned and a break up the flrotective associations .af _The logcarrled Rlgg four miles dowrrthe agg' dm°“Sh till” Of G 8¥h0l"S favorite ershi of irbt. N.'§fe?l‘:5'l%:. eg! tliedgggnf 2. ‘i _ _ °....:`§‘1ff. Q ` -. '_ ` 5 `- , ed' by }l3R‘_mmy Jdmraign a{_»i1;oIPe fihect- few gngry at the hour selected for the vac- city employes.-' le saldu . - 4 ‘ . stream. and _through the Kentucky River ~ph`2h‘f:§g%,s°‘;"§§i“s- much . af* Criticisrh olcbtgne melodies, .principally plantgtign .3-’.` ¢.{,j.$§¢ _~"{??:§ 'ififfy ~ fra pf

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§‘{;,;‘§,,§"§,'Q Qi, f‘_§§‘e§‘ §};e“ "me “f 3" ‘*‘° GIVING AWAY $100,000. “ *awe ““m‘>@¥‘ °f €’1'P‘°feS Ue°&“S¢ were EPWORTH LEAG DN-VENTION and “The Qrlzlc as Artist." had of me evening 'n. H. Hlrechbergfof the. L’ 5 jf-Q§!_»; . ’ ' 5’*’"` d H Mav r H. Zin I ‘saws manner as __ is no work. Flfteen doube teams and men A _ . ; E h 6 Y avpeared ln Enellsh reviews Appellate Divlsion~of the Supreme Court.. f '- ,- »~»4I-_,,_Q .f L - » .ls _ cl. e vl 0. so e e glble to flll _ *_* Were let S0 £0-day. If I had the work I - i-?-- ` -‘m a. attracwd a g°°d dea of 3~tf€l`U0l1- Creswell M cLa` hlln edt; .f" f T - ' = ` 1* . _ _,V . {Jl;Y@é;;1¢§, 3: g{;;3;?;`iLn颧f5i§f ;`fé§(;~eg1;0;:'l Demwlre “an Keep' Thnnknmvlng .mpglld keep the men on dutyj. _ $50 Round Trip Rate Lui", to be Jxgiuggg £0528 ggi;-e first puhlgshed in Schoolmaster Joins E ' Hedggs gt NSW' _»_¢f;Z.;1¢9-?3T~‘;_ ».-;`-if' L _ e " e » -_ R tl '¢ ' _ _ - ele onwa" _ Cha ' f '.'~.'..»= _V Elly Government. » D°y» ¥°w in Rfm el l'°'m°“' arou?x¢;n3l1elI;’;Ir§le1§tvc?(3' bl§u?ld'¥!n;E§ela£‘}lg:g?l M‘d° Between Cm°"° ‘nd ‘ Bodley ‘Head ab°"t ‘en Yefgsliitigr. a%¢?t'§ Erlang' !%?%'.c° ' tleslvb- Fun" of Bay 5 f'5_'f7"€'5" _ ‘ ‘ M‘l:;r‘or‘.LddI?{; lmlfiavzl2ont;%leEiev?:>n;?oln;? ‘ gram, :O The :ww York Timm' ggggii iggtthme d:St¥c§3`leade‘;Budid “gt sa" -F"“ci'°°' ` €S:g0n;ft:r°cr?I>1l§l§2gt|l?>§d' Iléflanverg °;h?'°§‘ 'Mrf »0dell. on being' introduced byjhz 31 ':7»`.`l_.?A“?`<f "Fl ` an his ,.,b0,-d,,,,,,,,., and _may ,emove any TVILMINGTON. Del., Nov. 30.-Alexander .SL becagmé th§y"§§0§fd‘§,ec§,§j,§°l§,agg‘;a§,° Spzrial lp Tru New York 1°am,# atunzas nndlines have been qudrgd tgosilufw f9€>ffr"'"'1fri'§E¢ spégi men’ ¢§°' mf.; '°$ 'fl 'i ‘ 't ` _ 7 gags cl£tdvJgl`éiu{};2§t}}_;é; l§;mm0gn:lgglc(ei Jzfckson of Csmden. one of the best-known iléallitglgé Elmgggrlslélrad wo'}_1ld be ln 1% posltiug CHICAGO, Nov. `30.-The 'Trans-Cont# ;§$;§~al;gg t;$,dv‘§i‘;5§f.itE;;;q“%‘;es°}f'Y iff' EUR!-' B- .B-` Odgll-"?n¥;1r'¢0i1!`g:,,0f`gi‘;°i¢=» _ 7 . js, 1- li, f_4 ,I his !e`_m_ M under me presém Chanen o d men of_Ient County, recently decided ing the next hiasgggltyamcfgggignau nental'Passen8er Association held 9. meet- Wilde could have been one of Sthgmérgii lggizrls :1lx§.ti:¥;~tthq‘§ew§r:k£lp:;t§e1ntdle‘s’ °5é3"'  »»i - .-_-‘-i- l:» fig* A _ ` ..:.;::.;::.l°:; rselllss  ;‘F;‘:.;' ;;.Bx,£.““§i‘.T“?“;§“L”“1‘ Dan? to men. har nom- we °f d@¢fdl»= :sas <lf.s‘;¢ fa::=e:“:l~ °s°fl,~~ Ma-W =»=f= we twwafé- M 1-==»°f+=’f=f ~ l fi” sew. ‘la‘€§@.»°11ge“l2 .. s.; fi. .;.:;i.;';;~ ‘° 352352"i‘$°b1°§.§{21°,§”$.f"‘F..L§Z.i`é§2222 fmmf WM *§f@”§f»‘@»='s= slats;::1-@.;‘<l=.:..§.:.:lr..z°'::;°2....."*“*;> t 1 d l l or ac n er e contra o a ' - . _ ` ’ 'l'0 8 n ef c ti t thi _ l - _ f`.._ " ._~ ` " -»=I _ %lonf_;lev»;!r;g?;a;l;1l§1ryt sehalll bt? }iLl€;J,f)0<;J(;na t';;5~ fegs gmsg t° Sir a(;;'2?'i§100~000- t Summer. ” ~ - ~ Eergeegngl pa§ssi;o1?g§e°r¢Srgtv1g}21E§ee;¥ 'g¥e<§o§h§>gd?l§i?g;’Tpt;ggt?Evl§:r1éd:£§Inn 'K - '~7f`»3" if " 17] "- _ ln saa ' _ , r. ac son L t' ._.____ _ ‘ _ e s _- a sgftg ' .- ' 1 _ ' '-‘ " U , `_7'."~~

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plug. gh: nu;-iaupof Elecllgng Wm be years Frangf Japkson had driven a hack fer a Loss of Nearly $30,000. ls almost certain to' be made. if not by exclusive of' his DIKYS. are "The H5386 of g§svt£?n';x5ess ¢.o¥§ieo$%g,o%3d¢?g?§¢ Q _Q ‘ 1'_f"fETfQTf‘ ‘Q ull!!! Thguggigteot ogca Igepurtment en- between Flyomlng §tation and Camden. Ffre was discovered shortly aft", 10 agreement, by independent action on the §:*i’3;€§§3nate§-Col§redA Poems in Prose." auch purpose'.<a.nd that movements wen lg =; } ~ , , __',_; Nj? _ . ,f u"'°u~ ° ‘~`-» a¢§`°*`di"S 10 Frank Jackson. who IS no relation to Alex- - 1 ' l , mr; of one or otner of the llnes. , wa ~°“s .X "h‘"`,,Ri° U5 and 9Jl'€8~ OH f°0!`f0l` the GQHBUDCUOH 01 the _:» f z "' _ . ,Air FT ..’..`~` '25 ‘ ` ' »‘§v-.*'; tho nrogosed law. can be remowd by the d J k h d b oc ock last night on- the' second f.oor of the A new element has -been introduced into C. 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H d "G ‘d ft fflllat lthfth unio " . » " 7 - ‘' f” _' -9? ` " . ., ~"', - - Aeoardlng to statements made by men r€C€i'€S 59-100 il? Pl‘0D€1”I§'~ water' The thirq f1°°1‘»¢° which the flames {'§?§s|¥hg?‘l?a3ér€g b%n?1l8.§;eige§9tv?f.o the .Ferrantl," a tragic piece brieflynacted  ;, etrgads éozncn ;>fé,gdx;;;_)!g;u,;1§uu: `* f§é!1.-`T»'."§f7!f -lv '1f`,_€""f' _ '_ =;~-. Hlgff ¥ ~_»°,_,,-re 'fwgked f~»f 'he DM M- WM .$~ -;eS~ wlf@,_°z,.;;=@ ax- :.s>;;=:.%..*f.:’°°“°;°° by Beams: * “mil ~ s ~ sl ”°”§.°"°¢f.B“'~‘*~ W” =°°“;¢°,‘° b° . 5........., M... tm 1... ..,.........“'...r I1 r,% _'l1 ~ ~ ;:@;=,;~v rdf; f j3:;::f< -l aw w e repea ed if the recom- press agent at }'0!1Jl'lg, gets ,1 , pr n- ers 0 W01Y@¥1'S €l'W€8l° an ` 5 »W°" - s ere was a 06339 Yl‘iC8l H ` ' I" Tw iff - Y T1 ' " ' L' _'ff £1 mmaauons of the cha u- R ml c _ -' du' ln w ll l v n d e itle ; Ml - Shi" WMSIS- Their damaze is placed. z MANILA’ HIE ., mlalityln some oflrs posed wnl ll' d- ~- lr mud f th l and ' ».`>3 -”"f~¥"7f‘7 W” ‘- "5-»:L. e l m||l10B are adopted. 'lrher prcxiglgnl fo?-ma (i&gry5DraperF a. W!;l§i{li0W'?1§l`:)ll1ngsW0m;l: 510-009i H- A- R0fhmiil’»' Ul2lWfR0ll‘€l' gf S 0 F OF POLICE ' .ifefi H115 1'°lY°1°i- ' His fl!%§e:Ckn0(;v1e€'f§ed mxzienggce of 0,-cgmmsd ziggsdiu they . ` -. “""";`¢°”3- > 57';~7l'V L tl.: of 4 malls on each $100 of properly val- of Camden, receives $3,000. . l%d1°5 Waists- fm me fourth fl00r. lost ‘ ’ l"|9~Y»°_h°WeV9-‘- 'WS "Lady Wlhderm€re`S ' as » _ ~`§F`L$f xl "1 " 5' 9” @3104-| for uw 5a1;l_|-lego( school tea¢h€.,s~ Alexandgf Dpavger and Aveyy Draper due £0 water and srnoke. and S. Omce 'rendered tp Chief Campbell of Fani produqed 'by George Alexander at {‘gV% g~’“3l;&la53*";ST,,Tt d!l'iIl8 the life 'ot l "K ,gl 4- .i_&__§¥T) _.fn _ Wm also be annulled. It is said than the farmers, near ‘yomlng. each $3.000 h“~'}’f1`g~ W ° makes W0m€I1S WB4SlS. On st. Louiisnnd Accepted. U19 St- Jam¢S5 Th¢a_U'e- U1 14011131771-in 1893. .§ n “Stl Tn D' ' thi " lm! ,_:" ‘ _; Z.-,. < pm;-|||m, fm- the ,-9m,;,u|0n _of ,Chow sash; M,-S_ Annie Bnoke,-_ recently mar" t e fth and sixth floors. suffered slight - _ . _ _ . _andacted here soon afterward at Wallack's ms “cum W sudden the hesns ,°f bl-#DEB 1-- — Sam Wilson ( TalkContribs ) …l" "~ »‘ 12 "‘ 1975. ` teachers' sdlarles Provides that me Centra to fl mel-¢nam Qf Hillsborough. .Md., gets ’°SS by S1I'°k¢- TUG first and Seventh floors ' .Swvwl rv Th# Nw Yvfk 7`"'=f#~ . <then.Pamer¥S>' without set-tins the tbwn °'¢a""°d ‘°"°"- The I”‘1“°*"*°1*U“*°" W” .wlmc lt. ` ' ' ‘ ` 51% ' ' " "E " Bog;-d' gf Edu(-;,;|0n_ Wm, me approval 0 pmperw valued at $3_000_ and Isaac _]»ack_ of the bullding are unoecupied. ' N* 3o___Cm f t P 1 ablaze. There was .much verbal smart- formed U1 F€b!'lll'Y. bei!!! ¢l`€3i€d by the --_'But-:mf 1 £6 -"' 1 ?"" - @- !h¢ Board O! Estimate. Shall. before July' 1, son. a érocer at YV;-oming, $2.500 and Miss Whlfe the fire was in. progress the Sewer ST. LOUIS. Mo.. ov, ._ e* o ol ce nesg in this piece, and it-was no strong ac- contractors to aid than ln their eontroversy much .;%-_ s f-, ~; ‘??§-7-4 s;;.:._,__ 5 »; *_ asm. Adopt a. new salary snheflule. other- same Jackson. his daughter, $4,500. at WY est Broadway and Grand street be- John W. Campbell U! Sh LOUIS will prob- cusatlon against its mem to say tnarins “M” ‘he B°“<1"‘§,'1"=°=S C°““°‘L` A* ms' ‘ ` ' * ‘ ‘ ‘l*`E-’*“ `~*5=' Yi’ iii? ' wise the snlqries of all teachers are to be Other glfts are to follow. fame blocked and the cellars of 54. 56, and ably be the first pgligg ghfgf _og Mannalun- plot was antique and its stagecratt lnsufti- the* Induslffal .Mon Dl'0SP€!‘Bd and its l - vs '9f5l&};lu~. ;.?’.»-tiki-L ., 2'-2 .;_ I; ~ fixed- at the figures whlch prel.-glled he- l _.l-_-i Us Grand Street' WSF? Partially filled with . ' _ cient.. But its lnslncerity and diffusive- !!1€lIlb€!'ShiD |l1¢l`&&B€€l to Buch an extent Cn! ' 'HM' ‘ V. _ REE ._ !T§'_ 5 .~:~,_¢ '= fore Dec. 31. ‘18U1l. or'before the Davis law CLEARED OF $2 891 003 OF DEBT Water' de’ me CW" 3°Ve"‘me’?t' The mst was °f ness; were not to be denied. After the first ihgzsteps were taken to enlargelhe or- ;» A 1 ~~ w >1f ;_;v.-; "Q: ' wok ,.ffec¢_ *phé ¢ea¢h,,,.,, w0u|d_ ,`h£,n,fm,é_ ° » . - Earlier in the evening there was a slight tered to him three days 880. and I0-GRY he perturmance in London, Wilde aplreared on' 33 9'"'-‘“ and make “S S°°P¢ N9~U°U9~l 1114 ' .,- " l "W ~ --is = '~-11 ‘ -_'§‘=» 3 ’ '- li' l°"‘”° “°° "M by me Mm- A ,,. K ,. ig- V , . 52:22 *2..§l.a..‘;aii,'l‘@.';:.:£..*”§.§;:;°*2z§.;?°a "-“led M” “°°°1=*a“°e ‘° ’°“““°~ 1' “'“‘ ‘iw °2 me S2..$“l=“fS'=' `=‘°‘f;*<'“a, ° °‘l‘1f~‘:_2..‘z.f.;‘z~=2',~,,...'. W... bitter ... M <.. '*,,,,, - -“*"'~..,.-=» - l wi l aw, n _ qu; gg ¢ V- , e - » Cgare e, "n respon 0 a "~ " ( 1 - '? ~ _ , 5 e- .~ ‘ _ Q _ ~ _V . __ If 15 algo proposed to amd.. the Cm. ‘nw r ~ _ , _ e p r aS_ ° un Fr? by Shubkln & Price._manufacturers of hats f°=°h the Taf¢~C°f°f°*==S1°“ in three Weeks' was no; gltgggflier friendly wfg, gm ;__ nuuciation of the_contractors,_and said his I / » _ i~ ,i ‘f:_=» ~_ , .- ~ g At 1 - fm.t5._5,x .school districts nn a basls of Bankrupt Dlscharged in Phlladelpl-na, and caps. The damage is estimated at $500. when it is contidently expected that Gen. turbame good humor and assu,-ance_ #his experience with tnem had' taught hlm that " S $U¥?¥!,¥"|’-I  »?;§¢f@;; 1 SYhl10lt£0Dlé|RI|O?.tT%€ Centra; Ecard will PHILADELPHIA. Nov. 30.-Arndt K. $HoT * MacArthur will cable his approval. sel;vetl its pggpose zu giving' the piece. a Qgghligil$;*€_h‘~;°Ull‘;¥:_;<;rS£;u§_II§>;1sr;clgfbéad:wen ¢DANBUBY' -‘ _` »» `r‘< _ " QQ ‘f . o ec e llpern on ent _ _ l - ‘ . ~~ ' ° ' ml.que a ve semen . _ _ » es ro - . ~' as <=;~‘ .' , ;.. , .g 81,0 wie?" Disqm Sun,_.,igten(§`m§‘&f and Hollselceeper of Na:-berth, Penn.. was dis- . CAR wmnow- Chief Campbell fs 3 D°m°°"at' and ms Hia next play, “A Woman 0f.N0 Im_ inf; the unlonsii Chicago, increasing tis #SYS °f»@°. _ ' “ " ..¢ "~" '_" - ‘» One ofthe' most radical rhanges in the Ch11l‘$¢1i as 3 '0ll1¥U>H’Y' bankrupt in U10 L- f P , l selection to the lmmrtant post by the A<3~ portance." was HCt€'d first at the London h°“"5 '~"f 12-hlm and redvcms the W3f§¢3- qllentli' 68-"OG" . ,; _ -2. 5, ` ‘ .Q-' clmrler whlclz it is bsrlldh she revisionlsrs Unned suites }315;,-mg Court t0-d;,_y with 'Ve' ° a35°"9°"5 ' E"d3“9¢f'¢¢'l GFI mmistrsélligl is regaadedxas a recoggiutllloligga I-}aymaxgcft.I:!1nde§ Breerl-iohlln Izggegm di;-ec. fliéilértbtegtssggle ttaclltogo #ad brfacigmo gag; ‘Mews GI mor? u*. _ _ -#_ V _ _ W ropqse stones saved tth ' _.' ' : Go emocra.ceemen,w c n ew or.a te _ t Aveu ' » - -£11 a - f .  »v ~> ,,,a,.(H, which new have charge 0‘;"'|ar‘;e def liabilities of $2,891.003.S3 and assets of $.2=>. Tram Near scarsdale' stlxgongly urged his atppolntment. 'He hhs Theatre, with Rose Cogmm in the priggie cause for their fight against the " bosses," _dclencih but th _ sf 8_5 ' _ _ ggrgréenisi For anstgnce, the lpepgn-(mend It was stated that thirteen years ago, WHITE PLAINS. N. Y., Nov. 30.-As the .the hearty su§lpo’11;§1 o manytstroi;giRepu3~ paltgble Itgaizulndeéd. gi play oflno Im- ggaéighfnfggtig 3;;rgo0gg§_ uslnlg glam- by a pretty gfrl' ~ - -~ al __ ~»_ _ ar es s n e contro ed by one when Housekeeper as twenty-two vears 1 P~ M- train-from here for New Ybrk was licans as we . e appoin men 1 s ere ~ por nee, an ss _ og an, wigey em. _ S 0 a vim- our gn egefpq I " . w . -~ Q; Commissioner lnslead of a board of th - °  »~ ' usd 1 Agtormgy Jameg L_ Blau-,'g, fgmi. loyed her famousbrother Charles to at 'h 1989- _ _ ’ ~ _ ‘ _ ` ~‘ “ _ '- - flfi ' ‘ C,,m,,,,Ss1pne,.5_ as at m.,,§c,m_ There vifs of age, some frlendflnduced hlm to go on P3-S5198 8 DOIN ills!-S0lh of the 5081508316 ngnt ggund-mfmey Democrat and bggthe;-_ g`lD and lend it some sortlot theagrlcgl _ °n 1°h=f¢<= °f" ‘ 1 ' _ ' . gh; . wb' be depugwg In each lmrough "nam, me 1_1-,eip bond in 3, gigantic |-98| estate 0pe,.a_ Station to-day, a small bullet struck a. §8l1€ of Frank P. Blair. attorney for Oberlin M. -value. “The Importance of Being Ear- To PREPARE A NEW nm _the _key,§loc§'o¥9§_ __ _ L _ ___ 4% conu-ol uf the Commissioner. The Depart- (inn, This involved the -el-e¢¢l¢n of sm Of Blass in the smoking car on the east Carte* The Bm” 31° Said t° b° °X*°“' “est-" frankly 3 far” Md fl-U! of nimble . AL' near Brevr¢tsn‘3€. Y., _ ~ ~. . ._‘ ’ __ ar, = ¥§"f_“éo;frF;“";‘S will “Iwi bf P13095 under houses in Philadelphia ajnd near~by cities. side. made a. slnall hole through it and Swely acquainted in the mmm” um ot' gltihgnéglei?‘;h§`x;1;l!gC?‘g'b%é3¥§ ?tl°ng nm of. a . . .r v ,~ The Dr-%;,?¢m0;l,f¢ &mF0::e‘Z.§‘f0rhB Wm be Pile Siglmcl the necessary papers without co'ered‘ the two passengers who were sit- lhfoggvgglfnégkypbell. ig fgrty-nine yea;-5 d§intv.andPfragil:e to suit the tgste :gg ‘seg m°u‘°'u" Bi°h°°' Almmnt ° c°m'“" York. State Depllty SIi@!'|£!»1gslL‘&ff " '~~§9 féffwfe under UW Charge °f B~S|f¢¥I9 C0mmiS5|0|'l9¥`. lllgfmilitei' lta(e!ell?l:l;fdl§rln§f“Phaet rrlsoptgigqzgt gouge ignetkgn Flsgtopvgfygtepgsrglggega gligf' old, and took an aggressive sta.nd_ against derstsnding of the -qxdinary jtheatregoer. 'mu '° Undwmkf th* W°'k' the quick-vyltte§gssl.§f ii Y 'if Wllhwl ww devuvles In 'he boroughs. nearllf s:¢_oofl.oo0, fell on his shoulders. sald he heard the bullet su-me rn ida 2 "’°" “°‘”“°° i" the "°"°“t “mm "“"“"” “Q A" meal H“sPa“d' ad"“""""'°°'°° 5P“f°1 '" Th' New YW* 7`f"¢=~ old sirl enabledhim w l-ff f‘*¥~~ lggsdglé thhe nzost rudlr-al rsrlivlslonlf In the The holders of the mortgages began pro- | the car and fall down to the flooi- sbla gt stréke. ’He § .ai :Iran of splendid Physique bgugarlllilugrghgggesAzénlggapyfatt the Lya CHICAGO N 30 A by 81 f -wmchvhe ”°w'°m°Yl- 'V ' `§- ='=.?-1-f;_ 74 jf- ' c ar er may resur n -l - ° , » s a coura. e. c . 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¢.;,»»z,»»,.;, ° ‘2~lfi.2 §;;°
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. _Ke L5 OSD ISIS under the city sl con- 1_nd estates ln various Darts of the United Some of the passengers said the saw a l . . qe‘lL¢;;lpa.dl1‘llratl0n' of W. $3 amused the Df°D8l‘9d by lbe b¢5f'k1l0WD 8.llth0l'iU€S On in D9~nb“r7 last m5ht'¢nd' _ .. V?" ' ` ig WI brit . Howells , M _ _ 518128-_ ___ _ _ ggglilzygé lglézians standlngnear w ere the , __ _ ° lately, various plays; slgned by otha,-s_ [he subgecg inqhgt d@n¢mlna;i0n_ Thé' _ststance of _the "Danbury ”.hau6:_ _ '35 5 L T O LD A Y Reported Rich Gold Find in Arizona ' I V Mau 'Employed at' the' Mattenwan };0;§;?§et% ‘galil Eéfilgeuallrglgglalitnggg Board of Bishops has been ‘"5“'“ct°d '° “P” “adm the °m°`3°° thief- H6.§8»¢l' 4 'F ' .» /S T Spam, to The New York 7Lim“__ ` SENATOR DAVIS LIES 'IN STATE. Opera I-louse, In Serlousiy Injured. g;l'l=i_I;¢;;arnJ"2;1t¢;“(§;lseTgr¥el;tebg2ous gusan." {’§?;v0‘:_kSp°cia‘ °°mmi5si°“ t° undertake W” f°'¥:; :fuzz gs' " ` . 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The ore is said to be grngigp ;o;;naznp=;`;;edN&?_;;l;gl: ng G°v` Slrrene. 3 young 111211. Ililwfeell' Years- °t §;nt£e yn§ra1{K'¢B?Igg:~?§ §¢r:dn%?u§;“°fn¥ff. Gragt University; W. Qllayfe of ggdikg' `arPE}:°§t, :they egsiged. [bg ta]-n_ Q ' J “L_ |NDEX`TO DEPARTMENTS fam" Smkled Wm’ me g°““ The ‘°°“‘°“~ where me bodl' of the late milled ";‘Z!.i‘2.; age' a°°memauy shot Gm" Dem" ‘“' “mes ‘° 'he ‘wk °f °““’“" ‘°’ “V 'ea' 25‘i.‘§§lT;.°1'CF'é‘1i§§f§§"3§l‘»£§f¥=l§?1‘駀'1P'?f" f°“§‘l'§‘ me “file” 'rm'm°H£lr5°'°¢m ` _‘ff Q - - ' . -i , _ ‘ _s _ - -~ S _ ns- as eonessoen; n _ ».,».._._ ,__ '~ ~-+  :f:?.:1m.““;..;z¥;. “‘:,';§‘e.;’..‘:~‘f KM =» me “:,#“=~‘~ °“::;'==‘.; ~ 8 adm. W1-de W.. hm... C- M °f 1° M my M » r . . ._ . Stocks irregular Flngnclal Agfa”-5__P.1ges ““ I - y °°p` State. Bm me" ~ D Y e °P°"' h s utter lack of sincerity and his mah". ____.i_é_ mission.-ln a few mznnlea the knpek _ ' .HJ 'Q 12 and 13. I . ment ‘york dgne for 5.,0_000. 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He vias P|““K°d th"°“Sh #t2?'1d°“’ and 2808311 W "1 Court <.‘ak»nfl=rs_-Page 11 ~ _ -l-ll' its head rested an oil portrait 0f»[he deaq pmced under arrest, l » _ Over WMF' Wllfk had exercised an evil ln- taken m a ,ew days ago in me 5 “nm the woods nearbvk ‘ 5. lfdsumnce NWS'°P“"' 13 n ll ' C°"f'ff'"l‘°rExf"€'°""P staufsdn athitih foo; ily” the sw°'d he' smene deemed the “h°°"“‘ t° be “" "'°' ;l$J‘1f§i 3126 c§»‘ll§;'d°ewl?l§d Wndws mad ln me virgins 'Hotel lint later; walfnm' ' nT“?h"g metfm' thenomcers amos” V l ~_ » ‘ ,___ _ 7 a excu s s n t __ carrc |011 _ - " ‘ _ an 1 re- e 8. _ " `- 'l Masrkrnze bllntpelllgenpeegzrfil pc,-eggn Mans ;` condugleg ev-len? Thursdxsxr schtcixgu. U;l;?1nigR A double l§ne og éxal-:gm-was formed (3-lde:t's;`s?t;1r?l;r§n{ivg}£%§l€§gggkg-aiggfggé hlm with disgrace which it was nosoggggi.. moved to the'h?§pltal. by the advice of his Ising' %n§‘e q“;i9l?£€ are yiru 7 _ _ pas., 1 ~ ~ clflc¢ an Il'lhW€!iEl'l't Llne. 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The officers were . ~» a New Conmratiom _Page 13_ C‘1:u;|%hf;g;,%};lCg§g atxggéleg. sflhaaldtorclézilllgé Mi Xere in the llrle wfhlch passed in a.¢on- with blank cartl-1d8¢,= but being held so t<;r;»§§g¥{°;01i“; gglréeggeyeaars.. éheigem im;-nigh; igegéegon e J;l§01;?g»§i:D gdbat gg:-. at :gat nh; to arrest her for complicity, :_ l ,_ ._, _ ' -_ - A V - ' f ~ ' _ _ e . u e _ unne' _ n . {||¢t ' ' . _ §;f.;,‘Z:;°§..§;fs.‘;. ._ ~l:s:K° N°f=»~~=»»~ .ll ..ll°:::.,s'.1°°fsS.f.2 ..‘;;.%‘°“'°' '°“’“‘ me" §lai;d‘#:1§;§§2:st.”’°"**...;”° ‘°““°‘“‘ “‘ *%.1=.;‘~.“s'“l “fs” ‘med ‘Mlm had 255° ll““‘°‘°“ “M "=° »f=‘°=== W3 '33-» " `“°"' '° “°°‘°°“r`° “° "°"‘ r gcchu-__p,,ge 9, ' ' --l-*__ _ _ ~ _ '_ t . n ar Sf rom a pet o ~soclety he resting ess y. ` , _ _ . t ' | (1 3 »( _p _ . _ ”' 'Tif _ _ The World’| N M | _` 1 fy . had becfime the m0St despised-of social nut- ---><-» ~ ‘ne"d.' ayeghereg-¢e;?§rt.-?’€leg»? 5. only 3° ;£§:gf;s5°:n§|;§?6‘F:'g;nd_cl 8 nigh: :‘e“';‘Pe;`_§l§*°"§°‘m;§:'Yi~_“ig/‘::Y??1’1Z 'RCW is the bggrgligtgl v i IP Exgnsgg on hav- ~f§2t:he§f‘i%g§ g;p°rts 5221" ?ari§1W‘"`° t9 For the tired man, the weary ~wnmm_ up Made of & tirmlegrg lgtlztgsgesnd cholo( F? Yesterdays Fires -Page 5. Nam Yung to _Pittsburg vm gamma; md ssh; c°‘on;° new teatgre "5 m§°;I<;;f;;1__va5;sn¥; lnsét. (It is for your 1 __` and wnolesome. M_tv_ A . - was "3 n 8 ~e°t p°V‘ nm-alll! IBOIHEYL-B8l|8Dl|D€'! Indls Pale Ale- spices. YDI bln n¢v¢l' usted sausage In perteu ' me ,.__'.'y'h_a“`f_ R'fh°-dh P°."|°.¢ 26 E cgi " Pi;ta5lgu;g limited." Leave New York, New Century. Order from newsdealer.4Adv. _A v"- " _`_` ' _ In 1884 Wilde was married to Constance, 'mv' '_ -~ :L1?°:fie_fgy¥°‘ , m°m'4*B°'°'" °r mm ' ' Etver af till; lrm of v.h» rnllrnadn of tho cmmtn. P ull.. -|n1§v¢‘Pltubur§ `g%5L|Rett§.su;el1§ll;§ Leading claim use Baltimo; Club Rye xfh ut a,:l::e?;ct§:0._"6I|s¢ql gferg] .ng P gigmtis;-xr; g;l¥;g;el?eCyrTJki¥d§.l3iar{;§i2l‘l n#.i?"§='“° Bound Like B Book' '