The Old Guard

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The Old Guard
subtitled Devoted to the principles of 1776 and 1787, was a conservative magazine published in New York by C. Chauncey Burr & Co., 1863-1867. The magazine decried federal involvement in the abolition of slavery and was firmly opposed to the civil war.

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Date Title Commments
1863-01-02January, 1863 A Traitor Congress and a Traitor President A condemnation of President Lincoln
January, 1863 The U.S. Treasury Robbed to Buy Negroes
January, 1863 Acrostic
January, 1863 New England Ruling the Middle and Western States A critique of the Senate committees
February, 1863 Governor Parker's Inaugural Address Praise of the inaugural address of Governor Joel Parker of New Jersey
February, 1863 Beecher Blasphemy and Negro Patriotism A critique of Henry Beecher's call for the Union to draft African America troops in the South