The Perth gazette and Western Australian journal/Volume 13/19 July 1845

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The Perth gazette and Western Australian journal/Volume 13
19 July 1845
w:Provenance: Haig, Ross (ed) (1984). The Years of News from the West Australian and Perth Daily News, St George Books, Perth, Western Australia.

We will not regard it on the source of outlay of capital from the Home Government, or the utility of the employment of such men in the colony, for we are convinced they merely conduce wealth to a few, without contributing to the public weal. The application for convicts is gross and absurd, and only emanates from interest individuals, and not from the community at large.

Our objections to convict labour are founded on the positive fact that a serious injustice would be inflicted upon our free settlers who immigrated here under the pledge that this was to be a free colony. Break this pledge, and then our institutions are subverted.