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United States Code
by the United States Government
Title 7, Chapter 35A, Subchapter I − General Provisions
See the current codification for Title 7, Chapter 35A in the Cornell Law School U.S. Code Collection
Title 7 — Agriculture

Chapter 35A — Price Support of Agricultural Commodities

Subchapter I — General Provisions

§ 1421. Price support [ See Note 1 ][edit]
§ 1421a. Financial impact study[edit]
§ 1421b. Costs of production[edit]
§ 1421c. Repealed.][edit]
§ 1421d. Commodity reports[edit]
§ 1422. Increase of price support levels[edit]
§ 1423. Adjustments of support prices[edit]
§ 1424. Utilization of services and facilities of Commodity Credit Corporation[edit]
§ 1425. Producer rights and liabilities[edit]
§ 1425a. Producers of honey; loan obligations and liabilities[edit]
§ 1426. Repealed.][edit]
§ 1427. Commodity Credit Corporation sales price restrictions[edit]
§ 1427-1. Quality requirements for Commodity Credit Corporation owned grain[edit]
§ 1427a. Reserve inventories for alleviation of distress of natural disaster[edit]
§ 1428. Definitions[edit]
§ 1429. Determinations of Secretary as final and conclusive[edit]
§ 1430. Retroactive effect[edit]
§ 1431. Disposition of commodities to prevent waste[edit]
§ 1431a. Cotton donations to educational institutions[edit]
§ 1431b. Distribution of surplus commodities to other United States areas[edit]
§ 1431c. Enrichment and packaging of cornmeal, grits, rice, and white flour available for distribution[edit]
§ 1431d. Donations for school feeding programs abroad; student financing; priorities[edit]
§ 1431e. Distribution of surplus commodities to special nutrition projects; reprocessing agreements with private companies[edit]
§ 1431f. Assistance to foreign countries to mitigate effects of HIV and AIDS[edit]
§ 1432. Extension of price support on long staple cotton seeds and products[edit]
§ 1433. Repealed.][edit]
§ 1433a. Forgiveness of violations; determinations[edit]
§ 1433b. Processing of surplus agricultural commodities into liquid fuels and agricultural commodity byproducts[edit]
§ 1433c. Advance recourse commodity loans[edit]
§ 1433c-1. Advance recourse loans[edit]
§ 1433d. Omitted[edit]
§ 1433e. Repealed.][edit]
§ 1433f. Repealed.][edit]
§ 1434. Encouragement of production of crops of which United States is a net importer and for which price support programs are not in effect; authority to plant on set-aside acreage with no reduction in payment rate[edit]
§ 1435. Production of commodities for conversion into alcohol or hydrocarbons for use as motor fuels or other fuels; terms and conditions; determinations; payments, etc., for program[edit]


^Note 1  for § 1421. (Short Title)

Section 1 of Act Oct. 31, 1949, provided that:
That this Act [1] may be cited as the ``Agricultural Act of 1949´´.”

  1. The Act enacting this section (§ 1421) and sections 1422 to 1431, 1432, 1433, 1441, 1443 to 1445a, 1446, 1446a, 1446d, 1447 to 1449, and 1461 to 1468 of this title, amending sections 612c, 1301, 1322, 1328, 1343, 1344, 1345, and 1353 to 1356 of this title, and repealing section 1302 of this title; amending sections 1134c and 1134j of Title 12, Banks and Banking, section 713a–4 of Title 15, Commerce and Trade, section 410 of Title 42, The Public Health and Welfare