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Luthinya was born in Xi'an, China in 1993 and currently studies in St Paul's Girls' School of Hammersmith, London. Previously she has lived in China for nine years where she committed most of her primary education. As her parents believed in a preferable and freer education in England she came over the sea to that country in 2003 and plans to remain until when she could matriculate into university. She has a deep interest in modern theoretical physics despite also cherishing a love for famous works of literature and philosophy, the most prominent among which being The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant. The coming to the West has profoundly influenced her character into a freer form of thought and expression, besides also considerably widening her channels of interests and knowledge into more distant and esoteric fields. Luthinya also personally feels that she owes most of her abilities in creative and 'against- the- tide' thinking to the encouragement of individuality prevailing in Western schools, instead of the reducing of students to a mindless and faceless mass by means of the helplessly lacklustre exams, as is the tide of modern China enforced indirectly by Mao Zedong himself. Certainly her love for modern physics would not have bloomed so bright had it been left to wait and whither in the Chinese classroom Newtonian physics.

A rather profound quotation from Fritjof Capra would ascribe to her current character very well: Physicists have no need of Mysticism and Mystics have no need of Physics, but humanity needs both.