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Hello, and welcome to my user page! My name (in case you haven't guessed it from my username) is Mike Peel. I'm a postdoctoral researcher at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, which is part of the University of Manchester. I work on the Planck satellite and the C-Band All Sky Survey.

I was a member of the Wikimedia Foundation's Funds Dissemination Committee from 25 September 2012 until 2014. My COI statement and pledge are at User:Mike Peel/FDC Pledge and COI 2013 (outdated 2013 version, 2012 version). I have a legitimate alternative account that I may use when acting in this role. I maintain a public record of my Wikimedia compensation.

I co-founded Wikimedia UK in 2008, and I served on its Board of Trustees until 2013. I facilitated the creation of the first Wikipedian in Residence, and I organised the first Wikipedia Editathon When I was both a trustee of WMUK and a member of the FDC I managed my conflict of interest according to my declaration of interest.

I supervised two summer students working on Wikipedia's science articles in 2014. My personal website is at

I'm an English Wikipedia administrator who is open to recall.

For my other user pages, please see Special:CentralAuth/Mike_Peel.

English Wikipedia articles

There are some Wikipedia articles that I've contributed to significantly: these are listed below. I don't own them, but I follow their development closely as I'm interested in learning more about their subjects, and I want to make sure that they continue to be accurate and well-referenced.

Current projects

Pictogram voting question.svg Unknown Featured articles and lists

Big Bang (mostly through its FAR)
List of space telescopes
List of Administrators and Deputy Administrators of NASA
List of solar eclipses in the 21st century
List of moons (Based on work by User:RandomCritic; put through FLC by User:Serendipodous)

Pictogram voting question.svg Unknown Good articles

Astrid (brig)
B of the Bang
Hulme Arch Bridge
Jodrell Bank Observatory
Upper Brook Street Chapel, Manchester

Pictogram voting question.svg Unknown Did you know?

... that visitors can walk through Trentham Monkey Forest in Staffordshire without any barriers between them and the 140 Barbary macaque that live there? (nomination, appeared 11 March 2014)
... that the Huxley Hoard, discovered near Huxley, Cheshire in 2004 and now on display at the Museum of Liverpool, consists of 21 flattened silver bracelets and one silver ingot? (nomination, appeared 10 March 2014)
... that the Chinese junk ship Aqua Luna was launched in 2006 after 18 months of construction in traditional style, but is powered by a motor rather than its three sails? (nomination, appared 6 September 2013, thanks to Chase Me.)
... that the tall ship Astrid served as a lugger, an alleged drug smuggling boat, and luxury sailing ship during its 95-year history? (nomination)
... that William Herschel's 40-foot telescope was the largest telescope in the world for 50 years? (27 November 2008)
... that AMiBA is a radio telescope located on Mauna Loa in Hawaii that is being used to observe the Cosmic Microwave Background and the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect in clusters of galaxies? (27 October 2008)
... that the Upper Brook Street Chapel in Manchester, designed by Sir Charles Barry shortly before he designed the Palace of Westminster, is said to be the first neogothic Nonconformist chapel? (21 March 2008)
... that the Mark II radio telescope built in 1964 at Jodrell Bank Observatory, UK was the first telescope to be controlled by a digital computer? (22 November 2006)
... that Gamma, a gamma-ray telescope, was launched on 11 July 1990, 25 years after it was originally conceived? (7 March 2007)
... that the first Dutch satellite, the Astronomical Netherlands Satellite, had the Main Belt asteroid 9996 ANS named after it? (8 March 2008)
... that Hulme Arch Bridge in Manchester follows the design of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, and rejoins two halves of a road that was sundered in 1969? (5 April 2008)
... that broken remains of three medieval high crosses were found in 1874 during the construction of Barnes Hospital in Cheadle, Greater Manchester, but the location of only one is known today? (21 April 2008)
... that Platt Fields Park in Manchester, England, was used as a country park for over 400 years before being converted for public use in 1908–1910? (25 April 2008)
... that QUIET, an astronomy experiment due to start observing in 2008 at the Llano de Chajnantor Observatory, will make measurements of the polarization of the cosmic microwave background radiation? (28 May 2008)
... that Cine City in Manchester, England, the third cinema to open in England in 1912 as "The Scala", has recently been demolished? (4 July 2008)
... that the ruined Cill Chriosd, also known as Kilchrist or Christ's Church, was the parish church of Strathaird, Skye, until 1840? (20 June 2010)

Pictogram voting question.svg Unknown Started

Trentham Monkey Forest (8 March 2014)
Huxley Hoard (1 March 2014)
Aqua Luna (21 August 2013)
Astrid (brig) (25 July 2013)
40-foot telescope (22 November 2008)
AMiBA (21 October 2008)
en:Upper Brook Street Chapel, Manchester (16 March 2008)

Articles that could be created

en:A Child this day was born (traditional song)

Articles that could be expanded


As an amateur photographer, I upload photos to Wikimedia Commons under a free license as I enjoy seeing them used both on Wikipedia and elsewhere (both online and offline). If you're using one of my photos, then I only ask for two things: that you follow the Creative Commons license that I've released the image under (which primarily asks that you to attribute me, and that you share any derivative works under the same license); and for you to drop me a message to let me know. My photographs can be found in commons:Category:Photos by Mike Peel.

The images below are some of the more popular photographs that I've shared here, along with where they've been used externally from the Wikimedia projects. Please let me know if you've spotted my images being used elsewhere!

Lindow Man 1.jpg

Lindow Man
As this photograph featured on Wikipedia's home page on 26 December 2010, this is probably my most viewed photograph ever. It's used in a bunch of different language Wikipedia articles.

Michael Nielsen.jpg

Michael Nielsen
This photograph was used by the New York Times on 17 January 2012 in their article on "Cracking Open the Scientific Process"

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin.jpg

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
Used in:

  • "Leaving Certificate History of Art" (working title), by Tara Fahey and Siobhán Geoghegan-Treacy, ISBN 978-1-84741-100-6.
Lovell Telescope.jpg

Lovell Telescope
Used in:

Ariane 5 at Cite de l'Espace 5.jpg

Ariane 5
Used in:

Barnes Hospital (April 2008) 2.jpg

Barnes Hospital
Used in:

Colin Pillinger.jpg

Colin Pillinger Used in:

Manchester Old Town Hall Colonnade 2.jpg

Manchester Town Hall Used in:

Royal Institution.jpg

Royal Institution Used in:

Llyn Llydaw from Crib Goch 2.jpg

Llyn Llydaw Used in:

British Sea Power at Jodrell Bank Live 4.jpg

British Sea Power Used in:

Model of Peveril Castle.jpg

Peveril Castle Used in:

Backstage Pass at the British Museum 18.jpg

Used in Wikimedia's fundraising FAQs in 2010-12, and in the WMF's 2009-10 annual report

Cyrus Cylinder.jpg

Cyrus Cylinder
Used in a whole lot of different language Wikipedia articles.

National Museum of Ireland.jpg

National Museum of Ireland
Used in a whole lot of different language Wikipedia articles.


commons:User:Mike Peel/Template is a template for the information I give for each of the images I upload (via Special:Upload)

{{subst:User:Mike Peel/Template
| desc = {{en|Description}}
| date = 2015-01-01
| camera = 60d200

{{subst:User:Mike Peel/Template
| desc = {{en|Description}}
| date = 2015-01-01
| camera = 60d200
| other_authors = (Omit if none)
| pd = old/no
| person = {{Personality rights}}
| hdr = yes/no
| pano = yes/no
| location = {{Location}}
| other_versions = 


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