"The Queen of Hearts", "The King of Spades", "The King of Clubs", and "The Diamond King"

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The Queen, as imagined by W. Wallace Denislow

The Queen of Hearts

The queen of hearts
She made some tarts,
All on a summer's day
The knave of Hearts
He stole those tarts
And with them ran away:
The king of hearts
Call'd for those tarts,
And beat the knave full sore;
The knave of hearts
brought back those tarts
And said he'll ne'er steal more.

The King of Spades

The king of spades
He kiss'd the maids,
Which vexed the queen full sore;
The queen of spades
She beat those maids,
And turn'd them out of door:
The knave of spades
Griev'd for these jades
And did for them implore;
The queen so gent
She did relent,
And vow'd she ne're strike more.

The King of Clubs

The king of clubs
He often drubs
His loving queen and wife,
The queen of clubs
returns him snubs:
And all is noise and strife:
The knave of clubs
Gives winks and rubs,
And swears he'll take no parts;
For when our kings
Will do such things,
They should be made to smart

The Diamond King

The diamond king,
I fain would sing
And likewise his fair queen,
But that the knave,
A haughty slave,
Must needs step in between.
Good diamond king
With hempen string,
This haughty knave destroy,
Then may your queen,
With mind serene,
Your royal bed enjoy.

This work was published before January 1, 1923, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.