10 of the Woody Guthrie songs/Descriptions

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This is a Bible Story sort of bought up to streamline. It's told like a big tall tale but I'll stand for the truth of it. I'll meet any living person in a public debate at high noon on the green grass of Union Square to prove that is nothing but pure unwatered goldplated facts. Never do I stretch the facts even a smillionth of an inch. I tell you how a man jumped across the ocean and I guess you know him well, his name is Adolph Hitler, we'll burn his soul in hell. This world is digging Slavery's grace and when this work is done that will be the biggest thing that man has ever done.


If you ever want to build a hour or light up a town, or bring the people power, the secret is this: Sing about your people, not about your millionaire play folks. The rich ones hire airplanes full of entertainers and stars to come up to Oregon, Washington, Montana and Wyoming and tell the people that they didn't need no Coolee Dam at all, that is, not for the next couple of centuries. Take too much work and materials and would make the wheels run entirely too nice and light up the country entirely too bright. The world didn't need no more houses with electricity in them, no more factory towns singing with light metals and aluminum, no more flying fortresses zipping through the clouds. Then I sung another little song to sort of put these airplane loads of fonies back in their place.


After we built the Coolee Dam we had to sell the people out there a lot of bonds to get the money to buy the copper wire and high lines and pay a whole big bunch of people at work and I don't know what all. We called them Public Utility Bonds, just about like a War Bond, same thing. (And a lot of politicians told the folks not to buy them but we sold them anyhow). The main idea about this song is, you think about these Eight words all the rest of your life and they'll come a bubbling up your Eighty Jillion all Union. Try it and see. THIS LAND IS MADE FOR YOUR AND ME.