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MÜNSTERBERG, HUGO (1863-       ), German-American psychophysiologist, was born at Danzig. Having been extraordinary professor at Freiburg-im-Breisgau, he became in 1892 professor of psychology at Harvard University. Among his more important works are Beiträge zur experimentellen Psychologie (4 vols., Freiburg, 1889-1892); Psychology and Life (New York, 1899); Grundzüge der Psychologie (Leipzig, 1900); American Traits from the Point of View of a German (Boston, 1901); Die Amerikaner (several ed.; Eng. trans. 1904); Science and Idealism (New York, 1906); Philosophie der Werte (Leipzig, 1908); Aus Deutsch-Amerika (Berlin, 1908); Psychology and Crime (New York, 1908). He has been prominently identified with the modern developments of experimental psychology (see Psychology), and his sociological writings display the acuteness of a German philosophic mind as applied to the study of American life and manners.