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PARYSATIS, daughter of Artaxerses I., married to her brother Ochus (Ctesias, Pers. 44), who in 424 B.C. became king of Persia under the name of Darius II. (q.v.). She had great influence over her husband, whom she helped by perfidy in the suppression of his brothers Secydianus, who was king before him, and Arsites, who rebelled against him (Ctes. Pers. 48–51). Her favourite son was Cyrus the Younger, whom she assisted as far as possible in his attempt to gain the throne. But when he was slain at Cunaxa (401) she nevertheless gained absolute dominion over the victorious Artaxerxes II. She was the evil genius of his reign. By a series of intrigues she was able to inflict the most atrocious punishment on all those who had taken part in the death of Cyrus.

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