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VOLCEI (mod. Buccino), an ancient town of Lucania, 2128 ft. above sea-level, the chief town of the independent tribe of the Volceiani, Vulcientes or Volcentani, whose territory was bounded N. by that of the Hirplni, W. and S. by Lucania and E. by the territory of Venusia. Some pre-Roman ruins still exist (Not. Scav., 1884, 115). It became a municipium, and in A.D. 323 had an extensive territory attached to it, including the town of Numistro, the large Cyclopean walls of which may still be seen, 21/2 m. below Muro Lucano. Below the town is a well-preserved Roman bridge over the Tanager (mod. Tanagro).

See G. Patroni in Notizie degli scavi (1897), 183.