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ADAMS, HENRY (1838-1918), American historian (see 1.175). died in Washington, D.C., May 27 1918. In 1910 his Letter to American Teachers of History appeared, and in 1911 his Life of George Cabot Lodge. In 1913 his Mont Saint Michel and Chartres (privately printed in 1904) was published by authority of the American Institute of Architects, a scholarly interpretation of the architecture and literature of the mediaeval Church. In 1918 his autobiographical The Education of Henry Adams (privately printed in 1906) was issued for the public. No book of its decade evoked more discussion in America. In 1919 The Degradation of the Democratic Dogma (consisting of several essays previously published together with one hitherto unpublished) was issued, with an introduction by his brother, Brooks Adams.

His brother, Charles Francis Adams (see 1.175), died in Washington, D.C., March 20 1915- In 1911 he published Studies Military and Diplomatic, 1775-1865, and in 1913 Trans- Atlantic Historical Solidarity (lectures delivered at Oxford).

In 1916 Worthington C. Ford edited Charles Francis Adams, an Autobiography, from papers deposited in 1913 with the Massachusetts Historical Society. See also the same editor's A Cycle of Adams Letters, 1861-1865 (1920).