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BOSANQUET, BERNARD (1848- ), English philosopher, was born at Rock, near Alnwick, June 14 1848. Educated at Harrow and Balliol College, Oxford, he was for ten years a lecturer at University College, Oxford (1871-81). In 1881 he came to London, and until 1897 engaged in lecturing and social work. He married in 1895 Helen Dendy, herself the author of books on social problems. During 1903-8 he was professor of moral philosophy at St. Andrew's University. He became a fellow of the British Academy. A Hegelian in philosophy and a disciple of T. H. Green, his logical tenets are described in 16.886, 888 and 917.

Amongst his published works are Knowledge and Reality (1885); Logic, or the Morphology of Knowledge (1888); Essentials of Logic (1895); Psychology of the Moral Self (1897); Principles of Individuality (1911); What Religion Is (1920) as well as translations of Hegel and Lotze.