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LEMAN, GÉRARD JOSEPH MATHIEU GEORGES (1851-1920), Belgian general, was born at Liége Jan. 8 1851, the son of an artillery captain who was a professor at the École Militaire. He entered the École Militaire at Brussels, and when he left it in 1869 had acquired a reputation for brilliance. During the Franco-German War he served in a Belgian observation corps. In 1882 he became a member of the teaching staff of the École Militaire, and both then and later, as head of the school, he exerted considerable influence on military matters. In Jan. 1914 he was appointed commander of the fortress of Liége and also of the 3rd Div., and concentrated all his efforts upon strengthening the defences of the town against a possible German attack. This came in Aug. 1914, when Gen. von Emmich's army appeared before Liége and summoned it to surrender. On Gen. Leman's refusal the fortress was attacked and ultimately destroyed, while its heroic defender was captured and imprisoned in Germany. As a token of respect, however, he was allowed to retain his sword. He returned to Belgium after the Armistice, and died at Brussels Oct. 17 1920.