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SCHEER, REINHOLD (1863-       ), German admiral and ultimately commander-in-chief of the German battle fleet in the World War, was born Sept. 30 1863 at Obernkirchen in Hesse-Nassau. He served in the German colonial wars in Cameroon and E. Africa and was appointed in 1903 to the command of the 1st Torpedo Division. Subsequently he was for a time at the head of the Central Section in the Imperial Navy Office. In 1913 he was promoted to the rank of vice-admiral and was made commander of the 2nd squadron. In 1916 he was appointed to the command of the German battle fleet (Hochseeflotte). He was in command of the Fleet at the battle of Jutland, and in his book Deutschland's Hochseeflotte im Weltkrieg claimed to have won a victory there. In July 1918 he was made chief of the Admiralty staff and again in Aug. of the same year chief in command of the Fleet. In Dec. 1918 he was retired.