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VIENNA (see 28.50), the capital of the Austrian Republic, is situated in Lower Austria, but under the Constitution has in all matters which concern itself the status of an independent Territory. Under these special conditions, the Gemeinderat (or city council) exercises the rights of a Diet (or states assembly). In 1910, Vienna had a pop. of 2,031,498, but in 1920 only 1,842,005. In 1910 86.9% of the inhabitants were Roman Catholics; 3.7% Evangelicals; 8.6% Jews and 0.7% of other faiths. The proportion of males to females was in 1910 1,000 to 1,086; in 1920, 1,000 to 1,163. The non-German minority shown by the census of 1910 (98,430 Czechs and 8,954 others) greatly decreased after 1918.