2008 Bangkok's State of Emergency Declaration

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Whereas it is manifest that certain groups of people are carrying out the activities causing anarchy which may lead to the national insurgency as well as may bring about damages to the public administration and erosion of the faith and trust in the economic system. These activities are impacting the public peace and order, detrimental to the national security and barring the development of the democratic regime and the exercise of rights and liberties of the people of guiltlessness, it is hence existed the need to extinguish the said worriment without delay.

Be it, therefor, by virtue of Section 5 of the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situation, BE 2548 (2005) which is a legislation containing certain provisions in connection with the restriction of personal rights and liberties; however, Section 29 incorporating Section 32, Section 33, Section 34, Section 36, Section 38, Section 41, Section 43, Section 45 and Section 63 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand prescribed that it can be made by virtue of the legal provisions; the Prime Minister thereby declares a state of emergency throughout Bangkok Metropolis.

This Declaration shall have immediate effect.

Announced on the 2nd Day of September BE 2551 (2008)

Samak Sundaravej

Prime Minister

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