27 December 2009 Commentary by John Yettaw

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Kent Larsen and Times & Seasons:

You-all need to re-evaluate your media-propagated assumptions:

John Yettaw — Missouri LDS Church member who made news by 'allegedly' sneaking in to the home of Burmese dissident Aung San Suu Kyi who was under house arrest. The incident extended [Get it Straight, 'The Junta' extended] Aung San Suu Kyi’s house arrest for 18 months, largely eliminating her influence in coming elections there.

I suggest you research more throughly to discover: (1) that in early 2009 the junta gave “formal” notice to the attorneys representing Aung San Suu Kyi that her house detention was being extended and that she would not be released in July, 2009… and (2) ASSK’s political opportunities are more promising today… and (3) I didn’t “break” into her house… I did not “sneak” into her house… in fact.. you don’t know what “actually” occurred… all you have is what was announced to the junta/court… and what was spread in the media.

I suggest you re-read the post on Wikipedia, offered by “Just me here, now”… I say his comments are insightful.

Will ASSK reverse any of her statement about me and what actually happened some day? Aung San Suu Kyi knows… I know… and the Lord knows the truth of what “Actually” was said and done… and what was not said. Did she ask me to leave? or did I refuse to enter?

Our Heavenly Father knows the truth…and you don’t know squat – except what you have read what was generated through the media. Were things said to protect ASSK so I could take the heat? Did she know my name before I entered her house? You don’t have a clue. All you have to base your suppositions on are the things that are nothing less than Smoke-screen… Propaganda… and Speculation.

There are only two stories out there concerning what actually transpired: My story… and every one else’s story. And I say your story is flawed… and of greatest importance – The Truth that the Lord knows.

Mr. Larsen I’ll be sending you a message at your “motleyvision” email address.

Speaking of “sneaking” into Aung San Suu Kyi’s house… suppose for a moment that a contingency of 2 men teams had been trained to enter the compound through Inya Lake and into her house? Could it be possible? Or is it simply impossible to imagine that a well funded… highly trained Spec-Op team could breach the compound and enter her house and kill the woman/women in an attempt to create a coup d’etat. What would be the chances that someone could ever enter the compound?

By the way… the statement “God Told Yettaw to Save ASSK” was the brain-child of my Burmese Attorney as a means of defense. I never told anyone that “God” told me to save the women. There is more to this story than what was “False Light” depicted in Newsweek’s “Tramp” article.

What I did was to “at least” close a viable means of entry by way of the Lake. What I did was to close the rear door… and to divert and expose a potential and viable threat to ASSK. Slam me all you want… but I say: You don’t have a clue what was in the works.

Rhetorical Question: Could it be possible that any one in the US IC (Intelligence Community) knew that I had entered the compound in Nov. 2008… and that I was returning in May 2009? But of course, you-all at the Times & Seasons know every thing… don’t you?

I say that the Times & Seasons is correct on one point: “The Truth Will Prevail” in spite of biased and negative comments perpetuated on this site.

John Yettaw

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