A Book of Nursery Songs and Rhymes/Nursery Songs/XXIII. THE QUAKER SONG

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'O dear me! I've lost my lover!
How shall I his loss recover?
'Seek him dearest, thou shalt find him,
Seek him when the spirit moves you,
'O but how he does disdain me!
Hum-hum-hum, etc.
His cruel looks have almost slain me!
Hum-hum-hum,' etc.
'As for looks they need not matter,
Fa-la-la, etc.
You must learn to fawn and flatter,
Fa-la-la,' etc.
'But that dreadful sin of lying,
Hum-hum-hum, etc.
A guilty conscience when I'm dying,
Hum-hum-hum,' etc.
'Love and conscience ne'er went courting,
Fa-la-la, etc.
Youth and death is ill consorting,
Fa-la-la,' etc.